Artistico is recognized worldwide as the flagship of Fabriano watercolor papers. Each of its surfaces feature a unique beauty that ranges from traditional Italian texture and color to paper designed for the 21st century.

This professional-quality paper is excellent for all water media, printmaking, digital printing, charcoal and drawing purposes. It is mould-made of 100% cotton, both internally and externally sized, acid-free/neutral pH, and has two deckle edges with the Artistico watermark running along.

Artistico Extra-White paper features a unique bright white tone (the purest natural white available without the use of chlorine and optical brighteners) and the latest innovations in non-animal sizing.

Artistico Traditional White paper is a traditional white shade with no use of optical brighteners. As with Artistico Extra White, it takes well both lifting and scraping without compromising its quality.

Artistico cold press (grana fina) surface has a versatile and soft texture that is robust enough to handle lifting and scrubbing. The hot press (grana satinata) is the smoothest watercolor paper on the market and a favorite for precise digital printing. Rough (grana grossa) has an extraordinary, rugged texture recalling the finest handmade papers. Soft press (grana dolce) is an exclusive surface recently created by Fabriano in cooperation with Savoir-Faire as a response to the techniques and aesthetic needs of artists today. Soft press’ luxurious texture lies between cold press and hot press, similar to the finest printmaking paper but with the durability of a strong watercolor paper.

Extra White

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
FAB-71-19100020 55" × 11 yds, 300 lb. Hot Press $896.80 $627.76 Special order
FAB-71-19100021 55" × 11 yds., 300 lb. Cold Press $896.80 $627.76 Special order
FAB-71-61914079 55" × 11 yds., 140 lbs. Cold Press $379.20 $265.44 Special order
FAB-71-62914079 55" × 11 yds., 140 lb. Hot Press $379.20 $265.44 Special order
FAB-71-69914079 55" × 11 yds., 140 lb. Soft Press $359.00 $251.30 Special order

Traditional White

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
FAB-71-30014179 55" × 11 yds., 140 lb. Cold Press $379.20 $265.44 Special order
FAB-71-30114179 55" × 11 yds., 140 lb. Rough $379.20 $265.44 Special order
FAB-71-30214179 55" × 11 yds., 140# Hot Press $379.20 $265.44 Special order