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88 Silkscreen Sheets Arches

Mould-made in France, these white paper sheets are 100% cotton. Perfect for silkscreen, the unsized surface is extremely smooth and absorbs ink freely, avoiding ink build-up. These acid-free sheets measure 22" x 30", have deckled edges and a registered watermark. May also be used for stone lithography and intaglio printing if slightly moistened.

Arches Oil Paper Arches

This French-made, 300gsm (140 lb.) deckle-edge paper is specially formulated for oil painting. It is ready-to-use and requires no gesso or special preparation. It features a powerful and efficient oil barrier that absorbs water, solvents and binders evenly while allowing paint and pigment to remain on the surface. Less brittle than gessoed paper, it is resistant to chipping or cracking. It is easy to cut, roll, frame, store and transport. Available in 22" x 30" sheets.

Arches Text Wove White Sheets Arches

This paper is excellent for book arts, drawing, etching, lithography and letterpress printing. Each sheet is 100% cotton, acid-free, buffered and features a registered watermark. Weight is 120 gsm.

Platine Sheets Arches

These 100% cotton sheets have a smooth, bright white surface made with no optical brighteners, and are heavily sized to deliver exceptional results with platinum-palladium printing and conservation of photographic works, blue prints, platinum prints, albumenised prints, the silver gelatin process or color processes. The sheets are pH neutral and acid- and alkaline-free. They are mould-made with four deckle edges and measure 22" × 30".

Velin BFK Rives Sheets Arches

A smooth surface and light sizing makes this paper a favorite with artists and printmakers working in practically every technique. Mold-made, 100% cotton, acid-free and buffered, the sheets have four deckled edges and a registered watermark. Excellent for all hand-printing processes, lithography, intaglio etching, wood engraving, silkscreen, linocut and collotype. They may also be used for embossing and drawing, though they are not recommended for offset printing.

Brush Stroke Paper Art Advantage

As all artists are aware, brush strokes and effects play a vital and expressive part in their painting endeavors. Art Advantage Brush Stroke paper allows the artist to practice techniques and brush strokes with water on this specially coated paper. After use, the water will evaporate without a trace. The paper can be used for thousands of practice strokes.

White Glassine Bee Paper

Acid free, neutral pH, archival quality paper. Layer glassine between photos, prints, drawings, etc., to protect against smudging, damage and non-archival elements during storage. The anti-static properties inherent in glassine make it the perfect sheet for protection and storage. Extensively used in art museums for archival storage.

Colorline Paper Sheets Canson

A heavy-weight drawing paper with light grain. Economically priced, it's perfect for posters, signs, collages and cards, all school and craft projects. The fine-toothed, balanced-textured surface is great for colored pencils, charcoal, pastel and tempera. The fade-resistant paper is colored in the pulp, so even torn paper retains color and quality.

Mi-Teintes Paper Sheets Canson

A unique 65% rag, gelatin sized paper, ideal for hard and soft pastel, pencil, charcoal, colored pencil and gouache work.

Canford Paper Sheets Daler-Rowney

Acid- and lignin-free, Canford papers are smooth, easy to cut and fold to a sharp crease. Great for model-making, paper sculpture, origami and memory books. This versatile paper works well with pastels, pencil, felt tip markers and laser and ink printers. The medium-weight (70 lb.) cover sheets come in an extensive range of modern matte colors. The stiff (140 lb.) card sheets are of high quality and feature rich color and texture.

Fabriano Tiziano Paper Fabriano

This high-quality mold-made, 75% cotton, 160gsm acid-free paper is ideal for pencil, pastel and charcoal drawing. The internal and external sizing makes it suitable for letterpress, light water media, printing and printmaking.

Masa Sheet Legion Paper

Machine-made in Japan, this 100% sulphite pulp, white acid-free paper is ideal for silkscreen, block printing, letterpress, calligraphy, pen & ink and wet media use.

Stonehenge Sheets Legion Paper

Stonehenge rivals European mould made papers with its ability to produce excellent results in a variety of printmaking techniques. In addition to intaglio and silkscreening, Stonehenge works well with colored pencil, charcoal, pastels and watercolors. Machine made in the USA of 100% cotton, neutral pH, two natural deckles and two cut edges. Papers measure 22" × 30" except as noted, and are 250gsm weight.

Tissue Paper Sheets Lineco/University Products

Acid-free, buffered white tissue paper.

Copy Paper Optimus

This is the perfect multipurpose office paper for everyday use. Great for all internal documents, including black and white printing and all color printing. This is a 75gsm (20 lb.) acid-free paper made with a 96 brightness. 500 sheets per ream.

Card Stock Pacon Corporation

This heavy-weight, all-purpose, 8-1/2" x 11" cardstock is perfect for home, school, art, craft and office use. It has a smooth finish that's useful for card making, scrapbooking, correspondence, school bulletin boards and more. It's both lignin- and acid-free, and for enhanced versatility, it's also inkjet and laser compatible.

Spectra Art Tissue Sheets Pacon Corporation

Spectra Art Tissue is a deluxe grade tissue that can withstand cutting, crinkling and folding without tearing. Colors blend when moistened to create interesting & exciting effects. All sheets measure 20" x 30" except where noted.

Tru-Ray Construction Paper Pacon Corporation

Tru-Ray Fade Resistant Construction Paper offers heavyweight, acid-free construction. The 100% sulphite paper withstands scoring, folding and curling without cracking or tearing. Superior fade-resistance keeps projects brighter, fresher longer. Made with 90% recycled paper. Available in 50-sheet packs.

Art Paper Series Stillman & Birn

This series of multi-media papers gives artists a choice of paper weight, shade and surface/tooth, internal and surface sizing, wet strength that supports both dry and wet media, even-sided surfaces so the front and back side of sheets are identical and drawing-friendly surfaces that are suitable for a combination of drawing and painting techniques. Each series of paper supports drawing with all lead types enabling the artist to produce fluid, unbroken strokes, repeated erasures without damaging the surface, inking techniques without feathering, blending and layering with colored pencils and pastel projects ranging from concept sketch to full on multi-media layering techniques. They support advanced wet media techniques including wet-in-wet, glazing, lifting, stretching and masking. These papers are archival quality conforming to ISO 9706 standards for permanent paper, acid-free, chloride free and lignin-free. The Alpha Series is a 100 lb./150gsm heavy-weight, natural white paper with a vellum finish. The Beta Series is a 180 lb./270gsm extra heavy-weight, natural white, cold-press paper. The Delta Series is a 180 lb./270gsm extra heavy-weight, ivory color, cold-press paper. The Epsilon Series is a 100 lb./150gsm heavy-weight, natural white paper with a smooth finish. The Gamma Series is a 100 lb./150gsm heavy-weight, ivory paper with a vellum finish. The Zeta Series is a 180 lb./270gsm extra heavy-weight, natural white paper with a smooth finish.

Nova Series Art Paper Stillman & Birn

Great for a wide range of dry and wet media, this 100 lb. (150gsm) acid-free fine art paper supports multiple erasures without pilling and holds ink line without feathering. Internal and surface sizing gives these papers remarkable wet strength and forces pigment to remain high on the surface so that color glows. Suitable for colored pencil, ink, gel pens, paint markers, watercolor, gouache, chalk pastels, oil pastels, water-soluble graphite, charcoal, Conte crayon, colored dry pigments, watercolor pencil, soapstone pencil and more. Available in 22" × 30" sheets.

Artist Trading Card Packs Strathmore

Artist Trading Cards are miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. Artists create, trade and collect art at organized swap events, either in person or online. The only official rule is that the trading card measures 2.5" x 3.5". This line of artist paper packs feature downsized versions of the same Strathmore papers that artists use for their full-sized art, conveniently cut to the official trading size making it easy for artists to join this large and growing movement. The cards are available for a range of mediums - drawing, watercolor, acrylic, oils and mixed media collage. The assorted pack contains two sheets each of vellum Bristol, smooth Bristol, canvas, textured and watercolor and one sheet each of illustration board and acrylic.

Drawing Paper (Series 400) Strathmore

Recommended for use with crayon, pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, light washes, paints and markers, this cream-colored acid-free drawing paper is ideal for sketching and most finished work.

Mixed Media Paper (Series 500) Strathmore

These 22" × 30" 90 lb./190gsm sheets provide a premium 100% cotton mixed media surface that offers true wet media performance with a drawing finish. The sheets are internally sized for wet media with durable vellum finish. They are archival, lignin- and acid-free. Ideal for commercial illustration, high-end journals, traditional fine art painting and drawing.

Parchment Paper Sheets (Series 400) Strathmore

Ideal for scrapbooking, invitations, certificates and traditional calligraphic lettering applications, these parchment-toned 60 lb. sheets have a smooth surface for even, fluid ink flow. They are available in a variety of colors, in packs of fifty 8½" × 11" or twenty-five 11" × 17" sizes.

Rives Printmaking Sheets Arches Drop Ship Only

This mould-made, 100% rag, watermarked paper lends elegance to any printed matter for which it is used. The paper is acid-free, buffered, and has deckled edges. It is extremely versatile and is ideal for printing, small etching, books and drawing. Available in light-weight and heavy-weight paper.

Velin d'Arches Cover Sheets Arches Drop Ship Only

A heavy-weight 100%, mould-made, buffered sheet that features a pronounced grain, four beautiful deckle edges and registered watermark. Recommended for lithography, collotype, typography, Intaglio, engraving and block printing. Ideal for all printmaking techniques.

C' A Grain Drawing Paper Sheets Canson Drop Ship Only

Fine-medium tooth paper with very good erasability. Smudge-resistant. Two-sided for broad and fine point media. Neutral surface tone. In 19-1/2" x 25-1/2" sheets.

Canson Edition Papers Canson Drop Ship Only

Made of 100% cotton, these 250g archival sheets are dual-sided with both smooth and medium toothed surfaces, and have deckled edges. They are luxurious and versatile and can be used for printmaking, drawing or multi-media.

Canson Student Drawing Sheet Canson Drop Ship Only

Economical paper with fine tooth and good erasability. For charcoal, pastel, pencil or pen. In a 18"x 24" sheet.

Classic Cream Drawing Sheet Canson Special Order Only

Creamy, 90 lb. medium tooth sheet is a beautiful basis for charcoal, pastel, pencil or pen. Good erasability. In a 18" x 24" sheet.

Glassine Paper Sheet Canson Drop Ship Only

A neutral pH, translucent white paper. Can be used as a slip sheet for storing artwork.

Ingres Drawing Paper Sheets Canson Drop Ship Only

Ingres is a 100gsm (27 lb.) laid drawing paper that is 65% rag, gelatin sized and acid-free. These 19" × 25" sheets have been colored in the pulp to ensure each sheet is light resistant. An ideal surface for all dry techniques including black, red, sepia and white pencils, art chalk, charcoal and soft pastels. Also suitable for light wash drawings.

Mi-Teintes Touch Paper Sheets Canson Drop Ship Only

These 218 lb. (353 gsm) sanded pastel sheets feature micro abrasive surfaces created by a sanded primer. They are ideal for dry pastels and can also be used with oil pastels and can also be used with oil pastels, pencils, charcoal and wet media. The thinly sanded surface allows colors to pop and highlights work that requires precision and fine detail. Sheets measure 22" × 30".

Opalux Sheet Canson Drop Ship Only

110 lb. opaline board for drawing, decoration, translucent cards, color prints and visiting cards. In a 19" x 24" sheet.

Pure White Dessin 200 Drawing Sheet Canson Drop Ship Only

Fine tooth alternative to Bristol, with good erasability. Double-sided for broad and fine point media. In a 19-1/2" x 25-1/2" sheet.

Color-aid Colored Paper Full Set Color-Aid Drop Ship Only

This Color-aid full set contains the complete range of 314 matte-finished 3" x 4.5" color sheets. The system consists of 34 vivid hues (saturated colors), 100 tints (clean, light colors), 47 shades (dark, deep colors), 114 pastels (muted, or soft colors) and 17 grays from dark to light, plus black and white.

Colourfix Paper Colourfix Drop Ship Only

Colourfix is 140 lb. acid-free watercolor paper that has been professionally screened with ArtSpectrum pastel primer. The natural toothy surface of this paper is ideal for pastels, pencil or charcoal, as it will hold multiple overlays of color without the need to fix between layers. The absence of fixative will allow the velvet bloom and vibrant color to be preserved. Sheets measure 20" x 28".

Colourfix Pastel & Multi-Media Paper Packs Colourfix Drop Ship Only

The natural toothy surface of Colourfix paper is ideal for pastels, pencil or charcoal, as it will hold multiple overlays of color without the need to fix between layers. Each sheet is 140 lb., acid-free and professionally screened with ArtSpectrum pastel primer. The absence of fixative will allow the velvet bloom and vibrant color to be preserved. The 9" x 12" sheet packs come in an array of assorted colors.

Roma Printmaking Paper Fabriano Drop Ship Only

Roma is, for many artists, the pinnacle of Fabriano's artistry in papermaking. This magnificent paper features a wide laid surface created from wire screens that evoke 13th century European papermaking and proudly bears the ancient Romulus and Remus "she-wolf" watermark. Handmade from 100% cotton, acid-free/neutral pH with four deckle edges. An exquisite choice for deluxe editions, fine art printings, bookbinding, calligraphy and drawing.

Rosaspina Printmaking Paper Fabriano Drop Ship Only

A hidden jewel amongst printmaking papers, Rosaspina performs as well as 100% rag papers - excellent for all printmaking techniques. 60% cotton content and lack of external sizing give it a sumptuously soft surface ideal for deep etching and aquatint, and equally as luxurious as an upscale drawing paper. Mould-made and acid-free with either four deckle edges (large size) or two (small size).

Tiepolo Printmaking Paper Fabriano Drop Ship Only

Tiepolo is an exceptionally versatile and strong printmaking paper that can withstand the wear and tear of harsh mediums and techniques. This mould-made, 100% acid-free cotton paper comes with four deckle edges and a beautiful watermark, in a traditional Italian soft white color. With its particularly smooth surface, it excels at all printmaking techniques, silk-screening, embossing, and digital printing. Also great for drawing, loose watercolor washes and other fine art media.

Unica Printmaking Paper Fabriano Drop Ship Only

Unica is a versatile paper that caters to all printmaking needs, as well as drawing and light water media. Unica is made of 50% cotton. It is also acid free, and produced with hydro-energy – an extra careful step in regards to the environment. The 22" × 30" sheet, 250gsm is available in white and ivory, making the paper ideal for all projects.

Bulk Drawing Paper Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

These drawing papers are brilliant white, acid free, and have a surface that was made for pencil, charcoal, and pastels. Available in three weights, each in four sizes.

Bulk Newsprint Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

This 35 lb. rough newsprint is a school favorite for drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastels, crayons and markers.

Lenox Sheets Legion Paper Drop Ship Only

Made in the USA of 100% cotton, this fine art print paper has a textured finish and is ideal for silk screening, offset lithography, etching, embossing, pastel, charcoal and pencil. It is pH neutral and has cut edges without deckles.

Art1st Drawing Paper Sheets Pacon Corporation Drop Ship Only

Versatile multi-purpose drawing paper that accepts all types of dry media. It has excellent tooth and retention. Great for use with crayon, charcoal, pencil and tempera paint. Recyclable and available in 100-sheet packs of heavy-weight white or standard-weight manila.

Art1st Premium Multi-Media Art Paper Sheets Pacon Corporation Drop Ship Only

Premium 80 lb. white sulphite art paper with natural color and medium tooth. The extra sizing on this paper makes it a great choice for all types of media. Excellent for pencil, colored pencil and charcoal. Good for pen and ink, marker and oil pastels, and is suitable for all wet media. Recyclable, acid-free sheets available in packs of 60.

Construction Paper Value Packs Pacon Corporation Drop Ship Only

These value-priced packs contain sheets of construction paper in ten assorted colors including white. Suitable for a wide range of art and craft projects, the 9" x 12" pack contains 200 sheets and the 12" x 18" pack contains 100 sheets.

Cream Manila Drawing Sheets Pacon Corporation Special Order Only

Cream sheets that provide an ideal texture for beginning drawing and sketching. Good for crayon, charcoal, pencil and tempera paint. Recyclable.

Designer Fadeless Sheets Pacon Corporation Special Order Only

This extensive collection of fadeless sheets containing standard colors, metallics and fashion colors includes four sheets of each color. Sheets measure 12" x 18" and come 100 to a package.

Fadeless Metallic Sheets Pacon Corporation Drop Ship Only

These sheets feature a brilliant sparkling metallic finish to add a creative sparkle to any project. The 24-sheet pack includes four sheets each of gold, silver, magenta, blue, red and green.

Fadeless Paper Sheets Pacon Corporation Drop Ship Only

The rich, vibrant colors of these one-of-a-kind Fadeless papers make them excellent for use at home and in the classroom, as background, craft paper and gift wrap. They will easily accept and retain most art media and these brilliant colors are, as the name implies, fade resistant. These packs contain assorted colors.

Riverside Construction Paper Pacon Corporation Special Order Only

Heavy-weight acid-free 76 lb. groundwood construction paper made with 100% recycled content. It has a soft eggshell finish and provides crisp easy folds. 50 sheets per package.

SunWorks Construction Paper Pacon Corporation Drop Ship Only

Brightly colored, all-purpose, high-bulk, high-strength, smooth-textured, heavy-weight groundwood construction paper with long, strong fibers that cut clean and fold evenly without cracking. It is made with a chemical-free pulping process to help ensure a cleaner environment. Recyclable.

White Newsprint Paper Sheets Pacon Corporation Drop Ship Only

Economical, 30 lb. newsprint sheets for drawing, coloring or any classroom project. Sheets are unruled and have a smooth finish. Each pack includes 500 sheets.

White Sulphite Drawing Paper Sheet Pacon Corporation Drop Ship Only

A multi-purpose, heavy-weight, bright white sulphite drawing paper with excellent tooth and surface size. Accepts all type of dry media. Recyclable.

Folia Colored Art Paper Speedball Special Order Only

With the ability to accept a range of artist media, Folia Art Papers are perfect for almost any creative project. These versatile papers are made from 100% recycled material, are acid- and lignin-free and are available in full-size (19½" × 27½") or cut sheets (8½" × 11”).

Artagain Recycled Paper Sheets Strathmore Drop Ship Only

As the name “ Artagain” implies, this dry-media drawing paper is made of recycled paper, including 10% post-consumer and over 40% pre-consumer recovered materials. Part of the 400 Series drawing papers, this acid-free, 60 lb. cover stock is fiber enhanced for a flannel-like surface that is ideal for media such as pencils, charcoal or pastels. Size: 19" x 25".

Artist Texture Paper Sheets Strathmore Drop Ship Only

Perfect for screen printing, block printing, posters, displays or as a premium grade, cover weight construction paper. In a variety of distinctive colors.

Artist Tiles - Bristol Vellum Strathmore Drop Ship Only

The 300 Series Bristol Vellum is appropriate for dry media, pattern drawing and meditative art due to its convenient size and format. This pack includes 20 acid-free, vellum-surfaced, 100 lb. 4" x 4" Bristol artist tiles. Made in the USA!

Charcoal Paper Sheets (Series 500) Strathmore Drop Ship Only

This 100% cotton fiber, acid-free paper has a traditional laid pattern and provides the proper resistance for precise shading with charcoal and pastels. The raised texture makes it a fascinating paper for all mediums.

Chromolux Color Cover Sheets Strathmore Special Order Only

The smooth, colored side of Chromolux sheets is made from a heavyweight, non-porous stock that is shiny and resistant to stain. The reverse side is a bright white uncoated stock that is receptive to printing and adhesives. Chromolux Cover provides smooth, consistent color with a brilliant sheen. These sheets will add polished beauty to any project requiring a cast-coated heavy-weight paper.

Drawing Paper (Series 500) Strathmore Drop Ship Only

500 Series Drawing paper is made with 100% cotton and endures repeated erasures and rework, without feathering or bleeding. The Medium Surface is receptive to a wide variety of media and drawing techniques including inkjet and plotter printers. The ultra-smooth Plate finish is excellent for creating sharp lines and for detail work. Neither surface is recommended for traditional watercolor techniques. All 500 Series sheets are individually inspected to ensure the highest quality possible. Each acid-free sheet measures 23" × 29".

Mirri Chromolux Sheets Strathmore Special Order Only

Mirri Chromolux is a glamorous specialty paper with a unique mirrored surface that is dramatic yet unbelievably versatile. Mirri folds and cuts cleanly, and can be litho or screen printed.

Museum Barrier Paper Sheet Strathmore Special Order Only

Acid-free, 100% cotton opaque paper originally made as a protective sheet for archival work. Often used as an economical, light-weight drawing paper. Size: 32" x 40".

Recycled Drawing Paper (Series 400) Strathmore Drop Ship Only

Bright white, 80 lb., 10% post-consumer and over 40% pre-consumer recovered material sheets. Ideal with pencil, crayon, pen and ink, charcoal and light washes.

Sketch Paper (Series 300) Classroom Value Pack Strathmore Special Order Only

This 50 lb. light-weight acid-free paper is excellent to sketch on with pencil, pen, crayon, charcoal, felt marker or watercolor pencil. 200 sheets per pack.