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Beautiful imported oriental papers made from a variety of fibers in versatile absorbent rolls for ink and brush work, watercolor, sketching, etc.

Plain Kozo is a very strong and absorbent paper that stands up to many art techniques including monument rubbing, stenciling, dyeing, framing, bookbinding, as well as Sumi-e drawing, paint, and brush calligraphy. Kozo is often chosen for collage, paper mache, and marbling because it stays strong while wet. Kozo fibers are translucent and can transit light so Kozo paper is often used for lampshades


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YO6M 8" × 20 ft. $12.85 $11.56 In stock

Plain Kozo

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
YO6ML 18" × 30 ft. $17.65 $15.88 In stock
YO6MMK 11" × 60 ft. $20.65 $18.58 In stock


Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
YO6MMU 11" × 60 ft. $25.15 $22.64 Out of stock, special order