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Unleash your creativity with the FriXion Colors Erasable Bold Point Marker Pens by Pilot. You can write smoothly, draw flawlessly, erase cleanly and revise repeatedly without damaging your documents all thanks to the unique thermo-sensitive, erasable ink available in a variety of fun and fresh colors. The extra durable, bold point tip produces rich, vibrant lines. Whether writing, drawing, coloring or organizing, add a touch of creativity and style to your everyday tasks with the new FriXion Colors Erasable Marker Pens.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
PIL-44124 Black $1.83 $1.65 In stock
PIL-44125 Blue $1.83 $1.65 In stock
PIL-44126 Brown $1.83 $1.65 In stock
PIL-44127 Green $1.83 $1.65 In stock
PIL-44128 Light Green $1.83 $1.65 In stock
PIL-44129 Light Pink $1.83 $1.65 In stock
PIL-44130 Orange $1.83 $1.65 In stock
PIL-44131 Pink $1.83 $1.65 In stock
PIL-44132 Purple $1.83 $1.65 In stock
PIL-44133 Periwinkle $1.83 $1.65 In stock
PIL-44134 Red $1.83 $1.65 In stock
PIL-44135 Yellow $1.83 $1.65 In stock