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These watercolor markers contain water-based ink with high pigmentation and lightfastness. They feature two nibs, a brush nib and a fiber-tip to offer flexibility. The ink lends drawings and preliminary sketches a high dynamic that is intensified through painting with water. They are ideal for sketching, drawing and painting in watercolors.

The 5-Color Wallet Set includes dark chrome yellow, pale geranium lake, pthalo blue, dark pthalo green and black.

The 10-Color Wallet Set includes the 5-Color Wallet Set colors plus orange glaze, middle purple pink, ultramarine, May green and sepia.

The 20-Color Wallet Set includes the 10-Color Wallet Set colors plus cadmium yellow, scarlet red, pink carmine, purple violet, cobalt turquoise, leaf green, green gold, Indian red, warm gray IV and cold gray VI.

The 30-Color Wallet Set includes the 20-Color Wallet Set colors plus light flesh, deep scarlet red, indanthrene blue, cobalt green, permanent green olive, earth green, sanguine, warm gray III, cold gray IV and dark indigo.

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Item No. Description List Sale Availability In Stock
FC160310 10-color Set $59.90 $53.91 Drop-ship only Maybe
FC160305 5-color Set $29.95 $26.96 Drop-ship only Maybe
FC160320 20-color Set $119.80 $107.82 Special order Special order
FC160330 30-color Set $179.70 $161.73 Special order Special order