This line of brush pens replicate the look and feel of traditional Japanese painting brushes, but with a modern twist. They feature plastic bodies, black rubber grips, pigmented black ink and a hanging loop on the end. They are available in four different felt brush tip types, as well as one medium size polyester bristle brush tip (ZGXT5-10S).

Bimoji Fude Brush Pens
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
ZGXT1-10S Extra-fine $4.50 $4.05 In stock
ZGXT2-10S Fine $4.50 $4.05 In stock
ZGXT3-10S Medium $4.50 $4.05 In stock
ZGXT4-10S Large $4.50 $4.05 In stock
ZGXT5-10S Medium Bristle $5.40 $4.86 In stock