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Developed to meet the needs of calligraphers and free-hand artists. These brush-tip pens work well with rubber stamps to produce permanent ink impressions. The ink is quick-drying, will not bleed through most fine paper, is suitable for archival application, and will not smear or feather once dry.

Pigma Brush Pens
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
SKXSDK-BR-05 Orange $2.89 $2.79 In stock
SKXSDK-BR-12 Brown $2.89 $2.79 In stock
SKXSDK-BR-19 Red $2.89 $2.79 In stock
SKXSDK-BR-21 Rose $2.89 $2.79 In stock
SKXSDK-BR-24 Purple $2.89 $2.79 In stock
SKXSDK-BR-29 Green $2.89 $2.79 In stock
SKXSDK-BR-36 Blue $2.89 $2.79 In stock
SKXSDK-BR-49 Black $2.89 $2.79 In stock
SKXSDK-BR117 Sepia $2.89 $2.79 In stock
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
SK38061 6-Pen Set $17.39 $17.39 Special order
SK38062 8-Pen Set $23.19 $23.19 Special order