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These ever-popular double-headed, flexible nylon fiber brush pens have a single ink reservoir and two tips - one brush tip and one fine tip. The water-based ink is acid-free, non-toxic and blendable, allowing an endless palette of colors. The 10-Pen Sets include 9 colors and a blender pen.

Dual Brush Pen 10-Pen Sets
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
TB56167 Primary $26.99 $24.29 Out of stock
TB56171 Grayscale $26.99 $24.29 In stock
TB56187 Pastel $26.99 $24.29 In stock
TB56188 Galaxy $26.99 $24.29 In stock
TB56168 Secondary $26.99 $24.29 Special order
TB56169 Landscape $26.99 $24.29 Special order
TB56170 Portrait $26.99 $24.29 Special order
TB56185 Bright $26.99 $24.29 Special order
TB56186 Muted $26.99 $24.29 Special order
TB56189 Tropical $26.99 $24.29 Special order