ZIG Brushables have two brush tips and two tones per marker, one color from the ZIG Memory System color range and the other color being a 50 percent tint of that color. Brushables are featured in the ZIG Memory System line making them a water-based pigment, permanent, lightfast, acid-free, and even photo safe; most suitable for paper. Available in 24 colors.

This unique two-toned pen is great for brush layering techniques and for creating two-toned blending effects. With a flexible felt tip and strong elasticity, Brushables are even great for brush lettering. Use ZIG Brushables to blend with any colors from the dual tip Memory System markers, prefect for card making, coloring books, scrapbooking and even rubber stamping.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
ZGMS-7700010 Pure Black $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700020 Pure Red $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700025 Pure Pink $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700026 Pure Baby Pink $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700030 Pure Blue $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700035 Navy $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700040 Pure Green $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700045 Cool Cucumber $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700047 Spring Green $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700050 Pure Yellow $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700052 Apricot $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700064 Fawn $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700065 Rootbeer Float $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700070 Pure Orange $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700080 Pure Violet $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700081 Hyacinth $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700091 Platinum $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700203 Antique Burgundy $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700301 Splash $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700302 Powder Blue $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700402 Kiwi $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700502 Butter $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700803 English Lavender $3.68 $3.31 In stock
ZGMS-7700807 Lunar Lavender $3.68 $3.31 In stock