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This brush tip pen is great for adding controlled glitter to projects. It is ideal for paper crafts, card making and stamping projects. The nylon brush tip produces thick and thin lines allowing artistic freedom. The water-based pigment ink is photo-safe, acid-free, odor-less and lightfast. The clear marker works best for adding glitter effects to the surface of other work.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
ZGMS-55000 White $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55010 Black $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55020 Red $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55025 Pink $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55027 Dark Pink $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55030 Blue $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55040 Green $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55041 Light Green $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55042 Dark Green $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55050 Yellow $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55060 Brown $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55070 Orange $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55080 Violet $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55101 Gold $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55102 Silver $6.49 $5.49 Special order
ZGMS-55999 Clear $6.49 $5.49 Special order