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Gemini Nib Penholder e+m Germany

The Gemini nib penholder is an elegant with a cork grip fashioned in FSC-certified beech wood natural, mahogany, or black stained. Nib is not included.

Broad Edge Nibs Speedball

Utilizing the same historically proven processes specifically catered to each individual nib’s design, Speedball takes painstaking measures to ensure that each of these nibs meets even the most discerning standards.

Pen Holders Speedball

The A (Crow Quill) pen holder fits nibs #102, #107 and #108. The B (Traditional) pen holder fits nibs #22B, #56, #99, #101, #512, #513EF and all steel brush nibs. The C (Finest) pen holder fits nibs #100, #103 and #104. The D (Oblique) pen holder is for copperplate/Spencerian script with the #101 and #103 nibs.

Pointed & Crowquill Nibs Speedball

Offered in a range of widths and varying degrees of stiffness in order to provide artists the maximum amount of control, Speedball’s Pointed and Crowquill Pen Nibs are made from the finest steel and hand-crafted in the USA.

Cork Grip Pen Holder General Pencil Special Order Only

This cork grip wooden pen holder includes a flush insert nib and features a natural wood grain finish. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Crowquill Penholder Koh-I-Noor Special Order Only

The soft cork grip on this penholder makes writing easy.

Copperplate Dip Pen Nib Set Manuscript Special Order Only

A copperplate nib set that includes a crown, an extra fine and a shorthand nib. It also comes with reservoirs.

Drawing & Sketching Dip Pen Nib Set Manuscript Special Order Only

This carded drawing and sketching nib set includes one gilt drawing nib suitable for use on China and Porcelain, one nickel nib ideal for sketching and one fine nickel nib ideal for drawing and sketching. It also comes with reservoirs.

C Series Left-Handed Pen Nib Set Speedball Special Order Only

Five C Style left-handed pen nibs, sizes (0-4), one of each size.

Classic Pen Holders Speedball Special Order Only

These attractive, high-quality pen holders fit A, B, C, and D, Nos. 22B, 56, 99, 101, 512 and 513EF pen points and steel brushes. Each high-quality pen holder features a marbleized design and a long-lasting metal chuck.

Crow Quill Pen Speedball Special Order Only

Popular sketching/drawing pen point #102 with holder. Super-fine flexible tip.

Hawk Quill Pen Speedball Special Order Only

Durable super-fine pen point #107 with holder. For long, even lines and cross-hatching.

Left-Handed Speedball Lettering Nibs Speedball Special Order Only

Speedball pen nibs are handcrafted from the finest steel. Their triple reservoir design features three reservoirs for increased ink capacity and extended smooth, uninterrupted ink flow. These nibs are especially designed for left-handed users.