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Artist Set No. 5 Speedball

Contains six Speedball pens, penholder, Hunt #102 crow quill pen, Hunt drawing pens #56 and #513, and a pocket size lettering and drawing folder.

C Style Pen Set Speedball

This set includes penholder and six nibs (sizes 0-5). Excellent for line drawing as well as calligraphy and lettering.

Calligraphy Pen Set Speedball

For beginners, this set includes four C style pens and two Hunt pens for fine work, plus a Speedball penholder.

Cartooning Pen Set Speedball

Set of six round, oval and flexible fine-line nibs and two penholders.

Left-Handed Dip Pen Set Speedball

This left-handed pen set contains five LC Series nibs featuring three reservoirs, plus one 513EF nib for fine-line script writing. The set also includes a classic Speedball pen holder and a detailed calligraphy instruction sheet.

Oblique Pen Set Speedball

These nibs are designed for Copperplate and Spencerian scripts. The set includes four pen nibs (two each of #101 and #103) and one oblique pen holder.

Sketching Pen Set Speedball

For sketching, this set contains: one each #56, #99 and #512 nibs with penholder and one each #102, #104 and #107 nibs with penholder.

Calligraphy Kit Speedball Special Order Only

Ideal for a beginner. This kit contains: three C style pen nibs and penholder, India ink and easy-to-follow instructions.

Mapping Pen Set Speedball Special Order Only

For drafting and mechanical drawings as well as mapping, this set contains: #99, #512 and #513EF nibs with penholder and one each #100, #103, #104 nibs with penholder.

No. 20 General Purpose Pen Set Speedball Special Order Only

This set contains an assortment of Hunt artist and mapping pens plus two different penholders. An ideal set for making delicate fine lines, lithography, and cross-hatching.

Oblique Pen and Ink Set Speedball Special Order Only

This includes just what's needed for both the beginner and expert to begin drawing and lettering projects. The Oblique Penholder's construction is ideal for creating lettering styles that feature a slant, such as Copperplate and Spencerian scripts.

Pen & Ink Sets Speedball Special Order Only

This set combines the popular Crow Quill Pen and holder with a 12 ml. bottle of acid-free ink. The pen tip is super fine and flexible, and the ink is waterproof, non-toxic and permanent. It is great for drawing, sketching and cartooning.

Poster Pen Set Speedball Special Order Only

A great tool for designing posters with both square and round gothic letters, italic letters, ornamental and plain borders, cartoons and decorative designs. The set contains three A-style nibs, three B-style nibs and a pen holder.

Signature Series Pen & Ink Sets Speedball Special Order Only

The Signature Series offers you a beautiful gold and black marbled pen holder with a handcrafted, gold-plated steel pen nib. Each set also includes two 12ml bottles of highly pigmented acrylic ink. The inks are archival, acid-free, waterproof and non-toxic. (SP94157 includes 12ml each of black pigmented acrylic ink, and a safe and effective non-toxic pen cleaner.)

Super Value Lettering & Calligraphy Kit Speedball Special Order Only

All the essentials needed to get started in lettering and calligraphy are included in this kit. Perfect for beginners, students or experienced calligraphers, it includes four nibs (C1, C2, B4 and A5), a penholder, a 2 oz. bottle of Super Black India Ink, a 12ml bottle of metallic silver acrylic calligraphy ink, a 2 oz. bottle of highly effective pen cleaner, practice paper and the Speedball Elementary Alphabets instruction booklet.