Each set contains pens with different nib widths in one of the following classic ink colors - black, sepia or sanguine. The pigmented India Ink is smudge-proof and waterproof when dry, lightfast, acid-free, pH neutral and permanent. Perfect for sketches, journals, cartooning or fine ink drawing.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
FC167101 Dark Sepia (Superfine, Fine, Medium, Brush) $13.60 $12.24 In stock
FC167132 Manga Black (Extra-Superfine, Superfine, Fine, Brush) $13.60 $12.24 In stock
FC167151 Black & White (Brush, Bullet, Calligraphy, Black Super-Fine) $13.60 $12.24 In stock
FC567100 Black (Superfine, Fine, Medium & Brush) $13.60 $12.24 In stock
FC167102 Sanguine (Superfine, Fine, Medium, Brush) $13.60 $12.24 Special order
FC167115 Black (Extra Superfine, Superfine, Fine & Medium) $13.60 $12.24 Special order