These fine line pens are for art, crafts, sketching and drawing. They feature permanent, lightfast, waterproof ink that dries quick and smear-free. Their long metal tips are ideal for use with rulers and templates.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
ST308005-9 0.05mm $5.10 $4.84 In stock
ST30801-9 0.1mm $5.10 $4.84 In stock
ST30803-9 0.3mm $5.10 $4.84 In stock
ST30805-9 0.5mm $5.10 $4.84 In stock
ST30807-9 0.7mm $5.10 $4.84 In stock
ST30810-9 1mm $5.10 $4.84 In stock
ST30812-9 1.2mm $5.10 $4.84 In stock
ST308C2-9 Calligraphy $5.10 $4.84 In stock
ST308WP4 4-Pen Set $20.40 $19.38 In stock