These sets feature specially selected curated color combinations in 5- and 10-piece sets that complement and illustrate seasons, moods and emotions.

EMOTT fineliner pens offer a range of 40 colors and a minimalist aesthetic. EMOTT is meticulously designed for durability and smooth writing, with a sleek white barrel and a durable tip that doesn't bend or split, ensuring consistent line-width at any angle or pressure. Enjoy a clear, .4mm line with excellent color coverage and water-resistant, non-bleed and fade-proof ink. Ideal for bullet journaling, hand lettering and note-taking; color coordination and expression has never been easier or more fun.

The 5-Pen Sets come with a stylish stand that both stores and displays the pens. The 10-Pen Sets feature a sleek flip-top case that can be angled for desk use then flipped back for easy storage.

5 Color Set

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
UX248286000 Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Green $13.99 $12.59 Special order
UX248294000 Orange, Vermilion, Pink, Lemon, Fuchsia $13.99 $12.59 Special order
UX248302000 Dark Brown, Khaki Green, Grey, Violet, Amethyst $13.99 $12.59 Special order
UX248310000 Sky Blue, Turquoise, Pine Green, Dark Yellow, Brown $13.99 $12.59 Special order
UX248328000 Light Violet, Coral Pink, Light Blue, Light Pink, Emerald Green $13.99 $12.59 Special order
UX248336000 Beige, Light Orange, Bright Yellow, Light Green, Saxe Blue $13.99 $12.59 Special order
UX248344000 Baby Pink, Pure Pink, Mauve, Lilac, Sea Fog $13.99 $12.59 Special order
UX248351000 Straw Yellow, Apple Green, Blue Green, Iris Purple, Red Wine $13.99 $12.59 Special order

10 Color Set

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
UX248369000 Yellow, Light Green, Green, Blue, Fuchsia, Pink, Red, Orange, Brown, Black $22.99 $20.69 Special order
UX248377000 Gray, Beige, Light Orange, Coral Pink, Light Pink, Baby Pink, Light Violet, Sky Blue, Light Blue, Emerald Green $22.99 $20.69 Special order
UX248385000 Gray, Dark Brown, Khaki Green, Violet, Amethyst, Red Wine, Iris Purple, Blue Green, Apple Green, Straw Yellow $22.99 $20.69 Special order

40 Color Set

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
UX248393000 Everything $89.99 $80.99 Special order