The sturdy felt tip of these pens provides bold and aggressive color lines, and the reinforced point guard makes the product more durable. A classic felt tip writing instrument that allows users to express themselves with style and color. Its water-based ink will dry quickly and won't bleed through paper.

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SA8432452 Black, Set of 2 $4.96 $4.96 Special order


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
SA1806701 Turquoise $2.52 $2.52 In stock
SA1806702 Green $2.52 $2.52 In stock
SA1806703 Red $2.52 $2.52 In stock
SA1806704 Purple $2.52 $2.52 In stock
SA1806705 Magenta $2.52 $2.52 In stock
SA1806707 Orange $2.52 $2.52 In stock
SA1865459 Black $2.52 $2.52 In stock
SA1865460 Blue $2.52 $2.52 In stock
SA1865871 Lime $2.52 $2.52 In stock