These fine pens offer a smooth high-quality, everyday writing experience with specially-formulated permanent ink. They deliver bold and vivid colors with a fine point that renders crisp lines and precise writing. The ink dries quickly for smear resistance, is fade- and water-resistant and does not bleed through paper. The unique extruded plastic tip allows for durability and line-width consistency.

The 2-Pack Fine Point Pen Sets are available in blue and black and contain two pens each.
The 4-Color Fine Point Set includes black, blue, green and red.
The 6-Color Fine Point Set includes black, blue, green, red, orange and purple.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
SA1742659 2-Pen Fine Black Set, Carded $5.48 $5.48 Special order
SA1742660 2-Pen Blue Set, Carded $5.48 $5.48 Special order