This retractable marker allows easy one-handed operation and eliminates the need for constant capping and uncapping, plus there is no cap to lose. The safety seal valve design prevents leakage and dry out. It contains the same great Sharpie ink that is permanent on most surfaces, quick drying and marks on most hard to mark surfaces.

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SA36701 Black $3.26 $2.99 In stock
SA36702 Red $3.26 $2.99 Special order
SA36703 Blue $3.26 $2.99 Special order
SA36704 Green $3.26 $2.99 Special order
SA36710 Berry $3.26 $2.99 Special order
SA36716 Lime $3.26 $2.99 Special order
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SA1735801 2-Pen Ultra-Fine Back Set $22.05
(3 pieces)
$22.05 Special order
SA32724 2-Pen Black Set $7.37 $7.37 Special order