This marker features a dual tip with both .5mm fine and 1.2mm bullet nibs. It is great for all types of creative lettering, doodles, paper crafts and stamping projects. The water-based pigment ink is photo-safe, waterproof, acid-free, odorless, xylene-free and lightfast. The metallic color ink is especially effective on dark colored paper. Conforms to ASTM D4236 regulations.

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ZGMS-8000101 Gold $2.92 $2.63 In stock
ZGMS-8000102 Silver $2.92 $2.63 In stock
ZGMS-8000123 Copper $2.92 $2.63 In stock
ZGMS-8000122 Green $2.92 $2.63 Special order
ZGMS-8000124 Violet $2.92 $2.63 Special order
ZGMS-8000125 Blue $2.92 $2.63 Special order
ZGMS-8000126 Red $2.92 $2.63 Special order
ZGMS-8000127 Black $2.92 $2.63 Special order
ZGMS-8000128 Light Green $2.92 $2.63 Special order