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Pilot’s FriXion Light Highlighters highlight with bright or pastel color and erase cleanly! The future of highlighting is finally here! While highlighting work, notes, or textbooks, we’ve all accidentally highlighted the wrong word, or over-highlighted a page. It would be ideal if we could un-highlight certain sections; with FriXion Light highlighters, that's not a problem! Simply rub the ‘erasing tip’ over the highlighting and the ink will disappear cleanly from the page, with no messy eraser shavings. FriXion’s unique thermo-sensitive ink is formulated to deliver both vibrant color and smooth erasing. Great for editing, lists, scheduling and so much more!

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
PIL-46508 Yellow $1.50 $1.35 In stock
PIL-46509 Orange $1.50 $1.35 In stock
PIL-46510 Pink $1.50 $1.35 In stock
PIL-46520 Blue $1.50 $1.35 In stock
PIL-46521 Green $1.50 $1.35 In stock
PIL-46544 Pastel Yellow $1.50 $1.35 In stock
PIL-46545 Pastel Blue $1.50 $1.35 In stock
PIL-46546 Pastel Green $1.50 $1.35 In stock
PIL-46547 Pastel Pink $1.50 $1.35 In stock
PIL-46548 Pastel Purple $1.50 $1.35 Out of stock