Suitable for use with a pen, brush and airbrush, these brilliant waterproof inks are ideal for illustration, comic design, architectural perspective, lettering, designer use and more. The standard transparent inks are dye and shellac based and work well for drawing lines and illustrations. The special opaque inks are pigment and acrylic emulsion based and are great for printing plates and general artwork. Available in 30ml bottles.

Drawing Inks
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
HBI370 Special Red $13.75 $13.75 Special order
HBI372 Special Yellow $13.75 $13.75 Special order
HBI374 Special Green $13.75 $13.75 Special order
HBI376 Special Blue $13.75 $13.75 Special order
HBI378 Special Violet $13.75 $13.75 Special order
HBI380 Special Brown $13.75 $13.75 Special order
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
HBI301 Carmine $13.75 $13.75 Special order
HBI313 Lemon Yellow $13.75 $13.75 Special order
HBI341 Violet $13.75 $13.75 Special order
HBI342 Red Violet $13.75 $13.75 Special order