Available in nine low viscosity colors, Montana 25ml alcohol based dye inks are perfect for refilling Montana BLACK Markers or for use with Montana empty markers and airbrush as well.  These high quality inks have maximum UV resistance and can be applied to almost any surface. Available in 25ml bottles unless otherwise noted.

Black Marker Dye Ink Refills
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
MXB313509 Strong Black $4.75 $4.49 In stock
MXB313516 Blue $4.75 $4.49 In stock
MXB313530 Cyan $4.75 $4.49 In stock
MXB313547 Green $4.75 $4.49 In stock
MXB313554 Magenta $4.75 $4.49 In stock
MXB313561 Red $4.75 $4.49 In stock
MXB313585 Yellow $4.75 $4.49 In stock
MXB328930 Silver $4.75 $4.49 In stock