Mixable color ink refills designed for use with Pilot Parallel Pens. The 12-Color set includes black, black/blue, sepia, violet, blue, turquoise, green, light green, yellow, orange, red and pink.

Parallel Pen Ink
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PI77305 Black $2.00 $1.89 Out of stock
PI77306 Blue $2.00 $1.89 Out of stock
PI77307 Red $2.00 $1.89 Out of stock
PI77308 Green $2.00 $1.89 Out of stock
PI77309 Purple $2.00 $1.89 In stock
PI77310 Pink $2.00 $1.89 Out of stock
PI77311 Turquoise $2.00 $1.89 Out of stock
PI77312 12-Color Set $3.90 $3.59 Out of stock