This convenient liquid sumi ink is made of high-quality vegetable oil soot. Eliminating the need for grinding an ink stick, as with traditional sumi ink, it conveniently saves time and is economical.

Liquid Sumi Ink
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YOFU2R 2 oz.- Red $9.90 $8.91 In stock
YOKF12 12 oz.- Black $14.85 $13.36 In stock
YOKF2 2 oz. Black $5.25 $4.72 In stock
YOKY12 12 oz. $18.85 $16.96 In stock
YOKY2 2 oz.- Black Gloss $6.60 $5.94 In stock
YOKY6 6 oz.- Black Gloss $10.45 $9.40 In stock