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The K-42 paint marker's vibrant, opaque colors are permanent, fade- and water-resistant and easy to use. The marker features a broad-tip with valve-action so that the artist can lay down an abundance of color while strictly regulating the paint's flow. The paint is alcohol-based, does not contain harmful solvents, is xylene-free and conforms to ASTM D-4236. Each markers contains 10ml of paint. Handmade in the USA.

K-42 Opaque Permanent Paint Markers
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
KNK42BLACK Black $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42BLUE Blue $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42BROWN Brown $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42GOLD Gold $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42GREEN Green $8.50 $7.65 Out of stock
KNK42LTBLUE Light Blue $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42LTGRN Light Green $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42LTPINK Light Pink $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42LTPURPLE Light Purple $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42ORANGE Orange $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42PINK Pink $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42PURPLE Purple $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42RED Red $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42SILVER Silver $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42TLBLUE Teal Blue $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42WHITE White $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42YELGRN Yellow Green $8.50 $7.65 In stock
KNK42YELLOW Yellow $8.50 $7.65 In stock