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The Masterpiece markers from Molotow have patented Flowmaster pump-valve tips that use a patented capillary-action technique that ensures a constant ink flow.

The black cocktail Speedflow ink is a nitrogen-based paint that has a visco-plastic coating with a light copper shimmer. It is highly opaque, UV- and weather-resistant, fast drying, abrasion resistant and suitable for both indoor- and outdoor-use.

Coversall cocktail ink with synthetic bitumen has a pitch black, permanent, visco-plastic coating and is alcohol-based, high-covering, UV- and weather-resistant, quick-drying, abrasion resistant and therefore perfect for indoor- and outdoor-use. It is refillable with most inks and paints, but the alcohol-based Coversall and Speedflow refill cocktails will give the best results.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
MW367PI 4-8mm Black Speedflow $13.25 $13.25 In stock
MW760PI 60mm Black Coversall $18.15 $18.15 In stock
MW767PI 60mm Black Speedflow $17.80 $17.80 In stock