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The brilliant opaque paint in these poster paint markers stands out against any colored background and will not bleed through paper. Great for art projects, posters, signs and scrapbooking. The markers are non-toxic and safe for children to use. Quick drying, acid-free, fade- and water-resistant. Available in four point sizes: extra-fine, fine, medium and extra-bold.


Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
SA37218 Black $9.03 $8.29 In stock
SA37222 White $9.03 $8.29 In stock


Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
SA1794973 Metallic Pink $3.76 $3.39 In stock
SA1794982 Glitter Yellow $4.62 $4.29 In stock
SA1794983 Glitter Orange $4.62 $4.29 In stock
SA1794985 Glitter Blue $4.62 $4.29 In stock
SA35571 Blue $3.92 $3.49 In stock
SA35572 Green $3.92 $3.49 In stock
SA35574 White $3.92 $3.49 Out of stock
SA35576 Silver $3.92 $3.49 In stock


Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
SA35577 Black $3.92 $3.49 In stock
SA35580 Green $3.92 $3.49 In stock
SA35582 Yellow $3.92 $3.49 In stock
SA35583 White $3.92 $3.49 In stock
SA35589 Fluorescent Blue $3.92 $3.49 In stock
SA35592 Fluorescent Green $3.92 $3.49 In stock
SA35594 Fluorescent Yellow $3.92 $3.49 In stock


Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
SA35595 Black $4.14 $3.89 In stock
SA35596 Red $4.14 $3.89 In stock
SA35598 Green $4.14 $3.89 In stock
SA35600 Yellow $4.14 $3.89 In stock
SA37206 White $4.14 $3.89 In stock
SA37210 Gold $4.14 $3.89 In stock
SA37212 Fluorescent Blue $4.14 $3.89 In stock
SA37215 Fluorescent Green $4.14 $3.89 In stock
SA37211 Silver $4.14 $3.89 Out of stock, special order
SA37217 Fluorescent Yellow $4.14 $3.89 Out of stock, special order