These markers work great for writing large letters on signs, white boards and more. The water-based fluorescent pigmented markers are opaque, odorless, lightfast and xylene-free. Erasable from non-porous surfaces with the use of a wet clothe. The fluorescent pigment will glow under a UV Black Light. Conforms to ASTM D4236 regulations.

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ZGPMA-310020 Fluorescent Red $3.28 $2.99 In stock
ZGPMA-310031 Fluorescent Light Blue $3.28 $2.99 In stock
ZGPMA-310110 Fluorescent Yellow $3.28 $2.99 In stock
ZGPMA-310112 Fluorescent Pink $3.28 $2.99 In stock
ZGPMA-310113 Fluorescent Green $3.28 $2.99 In stock
ZGPMA-310116 Fluorescent Violet $3.28 $2.99 In stock
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
ZGPMA-510020 Fluorescent Red $3.28 $2.99 In stock
ZGPMA-510111 Fluorescent Orange $3.28 $2.99 In stock
ZGPMA-510116 Fluorescent Violet $3.28 $2.99 In stock
ZGPMA-510112 Fluorescent Pink $3.28 $2.99 Special order
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ZGPMA-720020 Fluorescent Red $7.42 $6.99 In stock
ZGPMA-720116 Fluorescent Violet $7.42 $6.99 In stock