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EnerGel Pearl Retractable Liquid Gel Pens feature a pearly white finish and high-performance ink technology that combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience. The gel ink dries so fast even left-handed writers love it – no smears, no smudges, no globs. The sleek, stylish barrel design with stainless steel accents delivers a professional look. Latex-free grip provides maximum comfort and control. Refillable gel pens contain a high percentage of recycled plastic. Refill with Pentel's LR7 refill or any size/color EnerGel refill.


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
PEN-BLN75PW-A Black $3.49 $3.29 In stock
PEN-BLN75PW-C Blue $3.49 $3.29 In stock
PEN-BLN75PWP-A Black (Pink Barrel) $3.49 $3.29 In stock


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
PEN-BL77PW-A Black $3.49 $3.29 In stock
PEN-BL77PW-C Blue $3.49 $3.29 In stock
PEN-BL77PWP-A Black (Pink Barrel) $3.49 $3.29 In stock