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The popular RSVP in mini form proves that great things come in small packages. Never lose your pen again. Clip it, hang it, wear it. The hole in the cap lets you take your pen anywhere you go! Also great for small notebooks, pockets and purses. Delivers, consistent medium (1.0mm) lines without skipping. Latex-free grip. Ink color matches barrel color.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
PEN-BK91MNA-A Black $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91MNB-B Red $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91MNC-C Blue $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91MND-D Green $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91MNF-F Orange $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91MNP-P Pink $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91MNS-S Sky Blue $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91MNV-V Violet $1.15 $0.99 In stock