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An economical ball-point pen with an advanced ergonomic barrel design and a soft, latex-free comfort zone grip for nonstop writing comfort and control. The durable stainless steel tip produces a consistent medium line with smooth ink.


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
PEN-BK90-A Black $1.15 $1.09 In stock
PEN-BK90-C Blue $1.15 $1.09 In stock


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
PEN-BK91-A Black $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91-B Red $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91-C Blue $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91-D Green $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91-P Pink $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91-S Sky Blue $1.15 $0.99 In stock
PEN-BK91-V Violet $1.15 $0.99 In stock