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Journal and draw in fine detail with ease, thanks to the smooth-flowing gel ink and precise metal tip of the Slicci gel pen. Featuring an extra-fine .25mm point (the smallest point size available in a gel ink pen), these pens are perfect for personalizing paper, cardstock, labels, tags, chipboards and die-cuts.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
PEN-BG202-A Black $3.15 $2.79 In stock
PEN-BG202-B Red $3.15 $2.79 In stock
PEN-BG202-C Blue $3.15 $2.79 In stock
PEN-BG202-D Green $3.15 $2.79 In stock
PEN-BG202-F1 Orange $3.15 $2.79 In stock
PEN-BG202-P1 Pink $3.15 $2.79 In stock
PEN-BG202-S2 Baby Blue $3.15 $2.79 In stock
PEN-BG202-V Violet $3.15 $2.79 In stock