This ultra smooth, acid free, metallic gel pen glides effortlessly across paper. The .8mm needle tip produces medium lines, ideal for drawing details. The metallic colors really "pop" on dark paper, and are perfect for embellishing note cards, creating designs, pictures and journaling.

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PEN-BG208-MB Red $3.35 $3.19 In stock
PEN-BG208-MC Blue $3.35 $3.19 In stock
PEN-BG208-MD Green $3.35 $3.19 In stock
PEN-BG208-ME Bonze $3.35 $3.19 In stock
PEN-BG208-MP Pink $3.35 $3.19 In stock
PEN-BG208-MV Violet $3.35 $3.19 In stock
PEN-BG208-X Gold $3.35 $3.19 In stock
PEN-BG208-Z Silver $3.35 $3.19 In stock