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Add a unique pop of shimmering color to your writing world. These bold-point gel pens feature a 1mm nib and a latex-free, extra-long balanced handle for effortless writing and control. The glittery iridescent ink is reflective and sparkling, producing different results when writing on black or white paper. They are ideal for cards, invitations, drawing, doodles and other designs.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
PEN-K91-DA Black/Red $2.69 $2.15 In stock
PEN-K91-DC Blue/Green $2.69 $2.15 In stock
PEN-K91-DD Green/Blue $2.69 $2.15 In stock
PEN-K91-DF Orange/Yellow $2.69 $2.15 In stock
PEN-K91-DP Pink/Light Pink $2.69 $2.15 In stock
PEN-K91-DV Violet/Blue $2.69 $2.15 In stock
PEN-K91-DX Gold/Light Gold $2.69 $2.15 In stock
PEN-K91-DZ Silver/Light Silver $2.69 $2.15 In stock