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These creamy, colorful Gelly Roll gel ink pens will be your favorite flavor for letting thoughts flow onto paper. This gel ink is archival, waterproof, fade resistant, and chemical proof, so it is ideal for checks, legal documents, scrapbooks - wherever permanence is important.

Fine is 0.3 mm line / 0.6mm ball, Medium is 0.4mm line / 0.8 mm ball, Bold is a 0.5mm line / 1.0 mm ball.

Black, blue, royal blue, purple, and burgundy ink colors are excellent for writing checks due to the gel ink’s resistance to fraudulent washings.

Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed.

05 Fine

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
SK31030 White $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37321 Black $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37322 Blue $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37323 Red $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37326 Purple $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37328 Royal Blue $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37329 Pink $1.49 $1.39 In stock

08 Medium

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
SK37521 Black $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37522 Blue $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37523 Red $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37524 Green $1.49 $1.34 In stock
SK37525 Brown $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37526 Purple $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37527 Orange $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37528 Royal Blue $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37529 Pink $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37533 Burgundy $1.49 $1.39 In stock
SK37819 White $1.49 $1.39 In stock

10 Bold

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
SK31031 White $1.49 $1.39 In stock