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Gamblin Relief Inks give printmakers and monotype artists intense colors with an incomparably high pigment load, superior working properties and the archival quality they can count on. These inks print with unparalleled intensity, brilliant undertones and sensitivity to printmakers' most finely detailed marks.

Relief Ink
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GBR2008 Portland Intense Black $15.00 $12.75 In stock
GBR2300 Hansa Yellow Light $22.00 $18.70 Out of stock
GBR2475 Napthol Scarlet $22.00 $18.70 Out of stock
GBR2535 Phthalo Blue $22.00 $18.70 In stock
GBR2540 Pthalo Green $22.00 $18.70 Out of stock
GBR2560 Prussian Blue $18.00 $15.30 Out of stock
GBR2590 Quinacridone Red $18.00 $15.30 Out of stock
GBR2665 Sepia $18.00 $15.30 Out of stock
GBR2810 Titanium White $15.00 $12.75 Out of stock
GBR2840 Transparent Base $15.00 $12.75 In stock