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Baren Tool Kit Armadillo

This Baren Tool Kit is an ideal multi-purpose tool for use in lino printing and block making. It includes the supplies to be used as a lino cutter utilizing the handle and five cutters, as a baren for burnishing, as a stamp with the SoftCut lino discs (two discs included) and as a storage unit for the cutter blades. The high-quality cutters included yield fine cut lines and low cutting effort for producing excellent results in suitable material. The polished nylon base of the baren glides over the thinnest of papers to burnish the back of a print, resulting in excellent pick up of ink without the need for a press. The SoftCut discs have one adhesive side so that they can be held steady on a flat surface for cutting, and then placed onto the face of the baren for stamping. After use they can be wiped clean, removed from the baren, and protected for storage with the reapplication of the included protective silicone cover. SoftCut replacement discs available in packs of ten.

Burnt Plate Oil Gamblin

An oil used to thin etching inks.

Magnesium Carbonate Gamblin

An additive used to give more body to etching inks.

4" Brayers with Pop-In Rollers Speedball

Use these brayers for printmaking, stamping, memory albums, home décor, mounting and more. Each plastic core roller is removable from the sturdy plastic one-piece frame for easy cleaning. The versatile brayer frame is interchangeable with other pop-in rollers and has a convenient hang hole. The acrylic roller is ideal for photography and will not pick up rubber cement or wax during use. The foam roller is great for many creative techniques with water-based inks and paints. Featuring a roller made of 70 durometer synthetic rubber the hard rubber brayer is excellent for printmaking, while the soft, pure gum, natural rubber roller provides an incredibly smooth roll-out.

Deluxe Hard Rubber Brayers Speedball

These hard synthetic rubber brayers are great used in printmaking, stamping, memory albums, home décor, mounting and more. They' re constructed with a heavy duty steel frame and a plastic comfort grip handle. Brayer No. 49 features a wood core and wire frame construction.

Deluxe Soft Rubber Brayers Speedball

Use these soft rubber brayers for printmaking, stamping, memory albums, home décor, mounting and more. The soft roller made from pure gum natural rubber has a ground, 20 durometer finish for smooth rollout on many surfaces. Each brayer is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame and metal core that eliminate warping and are fitted with a plastic comfort grip handle.

Inking Plate/Bench Hook Speedball

Featuring a lip designed to fit over a desk or table edge, this unbreakable, all-metal plate may be used as an inking plate or a bench hook for carving blocks. The powder-finish painted surface makes clean up easy.

Lino Cutter Assortment No. 1 Speedball

Adjustable chuck handle and lino cutters #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6.

Lino Cutter Assortment No. 2 Speedball

Two adjustable chuck handles, and lino cutters #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6.

Lino Cutter Handle Speedball

This hard plastic, comfort-grip heavy-duty linoleum cutter handle features a pop-off lid that reveals a handy storage container within. The adjustable metal chuck makes it easy to install and change cutters.

Linoleum Blocks Speedball

Double glued with a waterproof adhesive, these mounted linoleum blocks will not separate, warp, crack, or peel. They are made with the highest-quality linoleum, making them ideal for producing sharp, clear prints without gaps or hollows. The high-density fiberboard is also resistant to warping. Suitable for use with both oils and water-soluble inks.

Linoleum Cutters Speedball

Finest quality steel and professional cutting edges. Interchangeable blades fit the Linozip Handle (HS4137). Available individually or with two replacement blades.

Linozip Assortment #37 Speedball

Adjustable lino handle and Linozip cutters #21, #22, #23, #25 and #26. Linozip is a pull-type cutter of fine quality steel with a sharp cutting edge.

Red Baron 4" Baren Speedball

This 4" baren is perfect for block printing, scrapbooking, card crafting and other crafts requiring burnishing or even pressure distribution over a small surface. It's ideal for hand and proof printing as it evenly transfers an image onto paper. The durable, impact-proof construction features a smooth ABS plastic surface and a comfortable hardwood handle. Made in the USA.

Red Baron Unmounted Lino Block Speedball

A fine, flat, smooth linoleum surface that will reproduce sharp, clear prints without gaps or hollows. It is 1/8" thick and has a jute backing.

Speedy-Carve Blocks Speedball

Make your own personalized rubber stamps with these easy-to-cut rubber blocks. Transfer artwork to these blocks via heat from an ordinary clothes iron and then carve around the resulting image to create your own special stamp.

Teflon Covered Baren Speedball

A baren is used for hand-pressured printing to improve contact between paper, ink and block. This one is Teflon-covered making it long-lasting.

Lucite Brayer Testrite

Lucite rollers with brass bearings and finished wire handles. Used for burnishing photos, type proofs, etc. where an automatic gluing machine is used. Will not pick up rubber cement or wax.

Baren Yasutomo

This smooth, light rubbing pad, made of bamboo bark, is used in traditional Japanese woodcut printing, or Ukiyo-e. The strong grain of the surface allows the artist to convey pressure firmly to the paper. It measures 4-1/2" in diamter.

Clear Carve Linoleum Jack Richeson & Co.

Made of a flexible, durable material that is easy to carve and will not dry out or crack over time. A clear carving surface eliminates the need for transferring an image, which ultimately, speeds up the block printing process. Ideal for students just learning the block printing process, as well as professional block printers. Any image can now be used, including photographs, magazine images, virtually any previously printed image, making block printing more enjoyable than ever! Clear Carve linoleum is available in a size for every artist.

Lino Grip Jack Richeson & Co.

Keep your linoleum blocks from sliding around with this flexible, lightweight, grippy mat. It is washable and compact, and takes the place of wood or metal rest.

Scratch-Foam Board Scratch Art

Produce dozens of beautiful sharp prints with the look of a linoleum print quickly, easily and safely. Simply use a ballpoint pen, pencil, or stick to draw on these specially formulated white foam sheets. Then ink the foam plate with water-based ink and print on your favorite paper. The board can be easily cleaned with water. Both sides can be used. Instructions included.

Blending Medium Akua Drop Ship Only

Modifiers allow the artist to experiment with different levels of transparency, viscosity and workability. This clear, liquid blending medium is used to thin ink for brushwork, create wash effects and for use as a resist for viscosity monotype.

Extender Akua Drop Ship Only

Akua modifiers allow the artist to experiment with different levels of transparency, viscosity and workability. This extender is used to thin Akua Liquid Pigment if it becomes too thick. It is an amber color with a liquid consistency.

Mag Mix Akua Drop Ship Only

Akua modifiers allow the artist to experiment with different levels of transparency, viscosity and workability. Mag Mix is used with Akua Intaglio to add depth and stiffen ink. It is white with a stiff consistency.

Printing Plates Akua Drop Ship Only

These printmaking plates are made from clear, non-tinted PETG plastic. They are ideal for monotype, carborundum, collagraph and drypoint processes and photopolymer films. The soft, yet malleable surface allows for easy incising of lines and is made of .030 PETG transparent plastic that is durable, yet softer than polycarbonate. It has a non-porous surface to prevent ghosting. These plates work great for inversion printing.

Release Agent Akua Drop Ship Only

Modifiers allow the artist to experiment with different levels of transparency, viscosity and workability. This release agent is used for monotype ghost prints, high shine with metallic inks or when working on monotype prints with Akua Liquid Pigment. It appears to be white in the jar, but rolls up clear and colorless. This modifier has a soft, buttery consistency.

Retarder Akua Drop Ship Only

Akua modifiers allow the artist to experiment with different levels of transparency, viscosity and workability. This retarder is used to slow the drying rate and also acts as a release. A few drops of this clear liquid are required when printing on dry paper. It is ideal for hot, cold and dry climates.

Tack Thickener Akua Drop Ship Only

Akua modifiers allow the artist to experiment with different levels of transparency, viscosity and workability. Tack Thickener is used to thicken Akua Liquid Pigment for heavier roll-up applications for monotype or block printing. This thickener is an amber color with molasses-like consistency.

Transparent Base Akua Drop Ship Only

Modifiers allow the artist to experiment with different levels of transparency, viscosity and workability. This transparent base can be used with Akua Liquid Pigment to thicken and create new intaglio or relief colors. It can also be used with Akua Intaglio to increase ink transparency. This transparent base is a light amber color.

Wiping Fabric Akua Drop Ship Only

This fabric is ideal for wiping excess ink from the surface of all types of intaglio, etching, drypoint, collagraph and photopolymer plates. It is made from polyester, making it sturdy, long-lasting and lint free. It is also less absorbent, smoother and softer than traditional tarlatan, allowing plates to print with highly saturated color and smooth solids without streaking. Akua inks will not dry and harden on this fabric, making it reusable and its paper-like quality eliminates the need for a final paper or hand wipe on the plate. This fabric is 19" x 10 yds. in dimension.

Tack Reducer Gamblin Drop Ship Only

A transparent gel that can be added to ink to reduce tack without altering the intensity of the ink's color. It is compatible with all oil-based inks.

Litho Crayons & Pencils   Korn's Drop Ship Only

Crayons and pencils used in lithographic and silk screen printing as well as for sketching on grained paper. Both crayons and paper-wrapped pencils resist acid. Stick Tusche is available in bar form for mixing direct with distilled water or other solvents.

MOO Carving Blocks MOO Drop Ship Only

These latex-free, PVC carving surfaces are made of a soft vinyl material that cuts easily, yet holds small details and fine lines without breaking off or crumbling. With several different sizes to carve, these blocks are ideal for transferring stamp or printmaking designs.

Etching Press RGM Drop Ship Only

This manual etching press is for chalcographic printing and features a steel structure with a lower drag knurled roller and smooth upper roller. The galvanized iron tabletop is 3mm thick, with printing area of 10.5" x 16.5" and topped with 3mm thick felt. The precision of the mechanical parts makes this etching press professional in print quality.

Linoleum Chisels RGM Drop Ship Only

These tempered steel lino carving knives feature shock-resistant fiberglass handles that are thermally attached and reinforced with brass containment ferrules. With their solid construction, these knives can even be used with a hammer to carve wood.

Gel Printing Plates Speedball Drop Ship Only

Speedball Gel Printing Plates make it easy for printmakers, hobbyists and fine artists alike to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind prints for mixed media art, card-making, journaling, scrapbooking, home decor projects and much more! These durable, reusable printing plates are available in single packs or bulk packs of ten plates.

Linoleum- Unmounted Speedball Drop Ship Only

Same quality linoleum as the Linoleum Blocks but unmounted.

Linozip Handle Speedball Drop Ship Only

A lino handle with an adjustable chuck. Designed to be used with the Linozip pull-type cutters.

Polyprinting Foam Plate Speedball Drop Ship Only

This white polystyrene foam sheet with self-adhesive backing is easy to cut or tear, it can be drawn upon with pencil, pens and crayons and can be mounted on any type of cardboard. The 9” x 12” sheets are great for printmaking and stamping.

Pop-In Brayer Kit Speedball Drop Ship Only

Great for printmaking, memory albums, painting, stamping, home décor, mounting and much more, this brayer kit features four 4" pop-in rollers that are interchangeable for unlimited creative techniques. Each kit contains one foam roller, one acrylic roller and one each hard rubber and soft rubber roller. A sturdy plastic frame and free craft tips are also included.

Red Baron Linoleum Blocks Speedball Drop Ship Only

The smooth, fine, flat linoleum surface on these student-grade blocks will reproduce sharp, clear prints without gaps or hollows. The linoleum is 1/8" thick and is mounted with a water-soluble adhesive on 3/4" medium-density fiberboard blocks. Made for use with oil or water-soluble block printing inks.

Speedy Cut Blocks Speedball Drop Ship Only

Faster, safer, and easier to carve than linoleum, these printing blocks made of eraser-like material are economical and come in several sizes. Both sides are carvable for added versatility

Speedy Cut Easy Blocks Speedball Drop Ship Only

Faster, safer, and easier to carve than linoleum, these printing blocks made of eraser-like material are economical and come in several sizes. Both sides are carvable for added versatility

Light-weight Brayers Testrite Drop Ship Only

These sturdy light-weight rubber brayers are ideal for linoleum block printing and photographic mounting. The 1/8" thick rubber covering provides strong resilience to many surfaces. The 1" diameter rollers have a wood center with end caps for smooth action and a center-locked steel wire handle.

Needle Applicator Set Akua Special Order Only

Designed for use with Akua Liquid Pigment for mark-making on monotype prints, this set includes five 1 oz. refillable bottles, five stems, five caps and five needle tips in three different styles. Needle tip styles include the steel angled tip, plastic flexible tip and plastic tapered cone tip for varying levels of detail.

Pin Press Akua Special Order Only

This portable pin press is designed for light pressure printing processes such as monotype, drypoint and collagraph. It offers an economical alternative to standard printmaking presses. The press is 20" in length, which allows for printing from plates 19.75" or smaller, and is precisely machined to provide uniform contact between roller, plate and paper. The all-metal construction ensures long-lasting durability, and the crescent-shaped handles allow for ergonomic printing. The handles also act as a press-stand when it is not in use.

Inking Palette Grafix Special Order Only

Gra x® Inking Palettes are a smooth, nonporous, disposable plastic sheet that is quick and easy to use. Sheets are gummed at two ends to prevent curling when rolling ink with a brayer. They are convenient and ideal for easy clean up – just tear the sheet from the pad when finished and discard.

Small Hand Press Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

This small all-metal hand press gives even pressure for excellent reproduction of prints up to 8". Lightweight at only six pounds, this little press is perfect for small runs, cards, and school projects.

Copper Etching Plates K&S Engineering Special Order Only

These copper etching plates are made of 14 and 16 gauge unpolished copper. They are ideal for etching, intaglio, drypoint and aquatint. The surface may be polished to photo-engraver's quality prior to etching if desired. The back of the plate requires stopping-out prior to etching.

4" Brayer Replacement Rollers Speedball Special Order Only

These 4" brayer replacement rollers are designed for use with Pop-In Brayers but can be used with most brayers. The acrylic roller is great for photography and will not pick up rubber cement or wax during use, while the foam roller is ideal for stenciling, painting and stamping that involves water-based inks and paints. The hard rubber roller makes printmaking easy, and the soft rubber roller is easily adaptable and provides an incredibly smooth roll-out.

Etching Press Blankets Speedball Special Order Only

Constructed from a natural, non-woven felt, Speedball's Etching Press Blankets are 1/8" thick and are available in 12" × 21" and 24" × 30" and are sold as a set of two.

Etching Press Floor Stands Speedball Special Order Only

Available for the 24" x 36" Speedball Etching Press only, these floor stands are designed to be specific to the selected bed type (metal or phenolic).

Etching Presses Speedball Special Order Only

Speedball has partnered with Ravi Engineering in the creation of these high quality, affordable etching presses. They are designed to print etchings and drypoint plates as well woodcuts and linocuts. They make for an economical and flexible press for school, home or studio.

Linozips Safety Cutter Speedball Special Order Only

Contains one Lino handle, Lino cutter 6 and one each of Linozip cutters 21, 22, 23 and 25 . Its ergonomic design provides for safe and comfortable use.