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Air Dry Modeling Clays Amaco

These moist clays are ready to use for sculpture, hand modeling or thrown on a potter's wheel. Finished pieces can be allowed to air dry or fired in a kiln to Cone 04 (1971°F, 1077°C).

Creative Paperclay Creative Paperclay

Soft, easy-to-use air hardening modeling material. Light-weight and durable when dry, it can be finished with any type of paint. Use to make jewelry, wall hangings, dolls, dimensional objects and much more. Air dries in 1 to 2 days, or just 30 minutes in the oven.

Das Air Hardening Clay Prang

Das is a great way to introduce children to clays. It is a very smooth and refined clay with an even and easy texture that can be used on various supports such as wood, cardboard and plastic. The clay is soft and pliable and usually dries within 24 hours. The solid, robust models can be painted wet or dry and takes any type of paint. Das Clay is stainable and takes most types of glue. Packaged in air sealed packages that keeps the clay perfectly moist until opened. Acid-free and AP certified non-toxic.

Activ-Clay Activa Special Order Only

This air-dry modeling material is dense, durable and responsive. With a fine grain for holding up details, it' s carvable, paintable and light-weight when dry. Activ-Clay performs well for both children and adults. Each package includes project ideas with simple instructions.

Hearty Clay Activa Special Order Only

A super light-weight and ultra-pliable modeling clay that air dries in 24 hours. It is great for jewelry, kid's crafts and rubber stamping projects, and can be used in any die cutting machine. Non-toxic and acid-free.

LaDoll Natural Air Dry Stone Clay Activa Special Order Only

This light-weight, air dry clay is extremely pliant, and is excellent for fine detail work. Made of refined pumice, talc, small amounts of paper pulp and additional binders, it can be molded, sculpted, stamped or carved. The clay adheres to any material, including wire, mesh, rigid wrap, paper, glass, plastic, wood and Styrofoam. It can be worked indefinitely by keeping the clay moist, and air dries with minimal shrinkage. When dry it can be drilled, carved and sanded. This multi-faceted general purpose clay has the unique ability to be dissolved in water and used as a finish coat or soaked with paper and cloth to be formed into shapes. In 1.1 lb. blocks.

Plus Clay Activa Special Order Only

Plus Clay is a premium quality, self-hardening, natural clay. Its exceptional plasticity and ultra-fine grade allows for excellent detail. Once dry, Plus Clay has superior strength and durability. Plus Clay is suited for a wide range of techniques and applications including: handbuilding, wheel throwing, extrusion, sculpture, casting, structural ceramics, model making and tile making. It comes in a 2.2 lb. bag.

Marblex Amaco Special Order Only

A gray self-hardening clay that dries without firing. Dried pieces are hard and durable, but not waterproof. Finish with Rub ' n Buff or other finishes.

Mexican Pottery Clay Amaco Special Order Only

Self-hardening, ready to use Mexican Pottery Clay is a rich red color that needs little or no decoration. May be shaped by hand or on a wheel. Objects are hard and durable when dried without kiln or oven firing.

Stonex Self-Hardening Clay Amaco Special Order Only

This white self-hardening clay dries without firing.

Air-Dry Clay Buckets Crayola Special Order Only

This fine, natural earth clay air-dries to a hard solid. No kiln or oven is necessary. Smoother, finer and less sticky than traditional clay, it's easy to use with traditional modeling techniques such as pinch, coil, slab and score-and-weld. It can also be used to make stamped impressions, beads and more. It softens easily with water and quickly cleans from hands and surfaces. It can be painted with tempera, acrylic or watercolors when dry. The convenient re-usable plastic bucket helps keep clay fresh.

Model Air Modeling Clay Sculpey Special Order Only

Pliable and easy to smooth, this light-weight, durable air-dry clay is ideal for school projects, jewelry, sculptures and more. Available in white and terra-cotta. 2.2 lb. packages.