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Artists' Oil Mediums Set M. Graham

Experience the rich look and feel of traditional oil colors without exposure to toxic solvents. Thin real oil color with Walnut Alkyd Medium painting medium and clean brushes with Walnut Oil.

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Oil Colors M. Graham

The most beautiful and easily worked color produced today. Each color is created slowly, one at a time, to offer clarity, depth, richness and permanence without peer. Crafted only from artists' pigments, free from extenders or adulterants and dispersed in pure nonyellowing American walnut oil these colors provide a distinctive and traditional value. Completely permanent, intermixable and compatible with all other oils, varnish and mediums including alkyd resin products.

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Walnut Alkyd Oil Medium M. Graham

This medium combines the advantages of walnut oil, enhanced flow and reduction of yellowing, with the accelerated and uniform drying time of alkyd.

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Artists' Acrylic M. Graham Special Order Only

M. Graham Acrylic Artists’ Color are made with the same devotion and craftsmanship that they use in their traditional media: small batches, quality ingredients, and the highest concentrations of color possible. The flow and delicacy of a gouache, with colors you’d expect from oil. The result is fine art acrylic paint with bold vitality and a creamy delicacy of touch that offers you a world of opportunity — from fine detail to broad, full-brushed applications.

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Solvent Free Oil Color Set M. Graham Special Order Only

At M. Graham, we believe we have a responsibility to every artist that chooses our color. We select the finest pigments and use only the very best vehicles. We take the time and expend the effort to make color with greater clarity and superior working properties. Our commitment to the artist extends to their environment. M. Graham is free from solvents in our workplace. You can free your studio of dangerous solvents as well. Using walnut oil to clean brushes is a natural way to remove color without creating a solvent hazard. Made in the USA. Set includes one each Azo Yellow, Naphthol Red, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green and Titanium White plus free 2 oz. Walnut Alkyd and 2 oz. Walnut Oil Medium.

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Walnut Oil M. Graham Special Order Only

Used by artists from the Renaissance, walnut oil offers greater freedom of application than poppyseed oil and reduces the yellowing and streaking associated with linseed oil. This slow drying oil allows longer open time.

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