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Color Pouring Medium Golden

Mix Heavy Body, Fluid, or High Flow Acrylics into Color Pouring Medium Gloss for an almost opaque, glossy and level appearance. Color Pouring Medium Matte provides a low luster finish on color pours. Colors hold their edges when poured wet into wet.

Color Pouring Medium Sets Golden

These sets feature color pouring medium that is a leveling, low crazing extender for pouring acrylic colors. Sets are available in gloss and matte.

Pouring Medium Liquitex

Designed not to craze in poured applications, this flexible, non-yellowing medium creates even poured puddles and acrylic sheets. It can be mixed with soft body acrylic color to promote drying with a smooth even colored film.

Pouring Medium DecoArt

A fluid additive specially formulated to enable paint to flow easily across a surface. It thins the paint to the ideal consistency for pouring, without sacrificing adhesive properties. Its flexible film will not crack or craze.

Dry Pigments Gamblin

The same pure pigments used to make Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors are in this collection of dry pigments. There are no adulterants. Each color retains the unique characteristics of the pigment, including tinting strength, undertone, and texture. Offered in 4 oz. (118ml) jars. Select colors are also available in 16 oz. (472ml) jars.

GAC 800- Acrylic Polymer for Reducing Craze Golden

GAC 800 Acrylic is a liquid acrylic polymer emulsion that does not craze in pours/puddles. That is to say that it dries with the same uniform surface and dimensional integrity as when wet (other GACs will craze, developing shrinkage crevices running across the surface). Dries with good gloss and flexibility, but only moderate clarity. Useful to increase adhesion to chalky surfaces.

Fluid Art Pouring Acrylics DecoArt

Highly-pigmented, ready-to-pour paints that are the ideal consistency for creating unique and layered paint pours in one step. These paints are formulated to flow easily and don’t need to be mixed with any mediums or additives. Perfect for any level of artist to create custom artwork.

Spray Caps MTN Colors

The right nozzle cap makes all the difference. Montana offers a wide variety of caps for different levels of precision and line width.

String Gel Medium Liquitex

This self-leveling effects gel medium has a honey-like consistency and dries glossy and transparent. It is permanent, non-yellowing, flexible and water-resistant when dry. It is used to enhance depth of color and increase transparency and flow. This gel medium can be poured or dripped from above to create a long, string-like application. It can also be mixed with acrylic color and brushed to create long streaking effects.

Mixed Media Paper Pads (Series 500) Strathmore

This extra heavy-weight, 3-ply 100% cotton paper provides a premium mixed-media surface that offers true wet media performance with a drawing media finish. The sheets are internally sized for wet media and have durable vellum finish for drawing techniques. Ideal for watercolor, gouache, acrylic, graphite, pen and ink, marker, pastel, collage, colored pencil and pouring mediums. Twelve 350 lb. (570 gsm) sheets per tape-bound pad.

Professional Acrylic Mediums Starter Set Liquitex Drop Ship Only

Discover Liquitex professional mediums. Intermixable acrylic gessos, mediums, effects, additives, and varnish. For every stage, every technique, every surface.

Tjanting Needles Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

Tjanting needles are used in creating Batik artwork. Traditional Batik is a form of textile art that uses wax as a dye-resist. By pouring hot wax into the needle, this tool allows the artist to draw a pattern directly onto fabric in very fine lines, creating areas on the fabric that will resist dye when applied.

Acryla Colored Gesso Holbein Drop Ship Only

Holbein Colored Gesso is thick, creamy and offers superb coverage and great opacity. It is made with high-chroma, lightfast pigments and can be used as a successful ground or as a painting medium on its own. Finishing without brush strokes, it has a vivid matte finish and is ideal for mural painting. An innovative package design provides for easy pouring and storage.

10 oz. Unprimed Cotton Canvas Rolls Masterpiece Special Order Only

This 10 oz. heavy-weight, raw cotton canvas is ready for preparation with the ground of your choice. This canvas is strong and has a medium tooth, yet heavy body. It strikes a nice balance between lighter and heavier weight canvas. This product works great for staining techniques that involve pouring thinned paints onto the raw canvas resulting in abstract color combinations. Staining achieves a fluid and spontaneous convergence of the image and the fabric, not possible with gesso prepared canvases. Please note that applying oil paints to raw canvas can be caustic to the canvas fibers.