Art ProFolio Poster Binder ITOYA

The ProFolio Poster Binder is the largest presentation and storage book ever created byProFolio. After spending over a year on research and development, they have finally found a way to create a 24" × 36" pocket that is strong enough and clear enough to have the ProFolio name attached!

The pockets of the 24" × 36" Poster Binder are designed specifically to hold collectible music posters, movie posters, artwork, and photography. Each pocket includes a large 24" × 36" sheet of black, acid-neutral paper sourced in Europe to insure posters and artwork are archival safe.

The Poster Binder comes with 10 pockets for 20 views. Additionally, up to 10 more pockets can safely be added to fill the binder. A multi-ring binder mechanism allows for the pockets to be moved around easily. A smooth outer zipper on three sides safely secures the contents inside. The nylon construction outside cover is reinforced for added durability, while still remaining as lightweight as possible. Finally, a double-stitched, durable handle make it easy to transport the Poster Binder.

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24x36 Art ProFolio Poster Binder
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24x36 Clear ProFolio Poly Sheet Refill Pages (10)
Storage & Portfolios / Portfolios & Presentation Cases / Art ProFolio Poster Binder
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