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All Temperature Glue Sticks Surebonder

Ideal for everyday gluing projects, these clear glue sticks are suitable for use with high or low temperature glue guns. They may be used for repairing things around the home as well as creating art, craft and hobby projects. Regular sticks have a 7/16" diameter while the Mini sticks have a 5/16" diameter.

Essentials Series Glue Guns Surebonder

Glue guns are ideal for crafts, floral and do it yourself projects. Use high temperature for better bonding to metals, plastics and ceramic. Use low temperature for bonding delicate material such as lace, foil ribbon, floral form and lightweight fabric. Metal flip stand safely stores gun while in use. Dual temperature guns feature a high and low switch to select the right temperature and glue for the right job. Uses 4" or 10" long glue sticks with 5/16" (mini) or 7/16" (full) diameter. Plug in cord for power and unplug immediately after use. Insert glue stick into the chamber, pull the trigger to advance glue.

Enhanced Safety Hot Glue Guns Elmer's Drop Ship Only

This glue gun offers added safety features for maximum use. The insulated nozzle safeguards against burns and a safety fuse shuts the gun off automatically if overheated. The built-in lifts on both sides of the gun allowing the tool to rest safely on its side, without glue backup. Available in high temperature and dual (high & low) temperature models in both full and mini sizes, as well as one full size dual temp cordless glue gun.

Less Mess Hot Glue Sticks Elmer's Drop Ship Only

The advanced formula technology in these glue sticks eliminates the nuisance of messy glue strings. When heated, the glue creates a precise, clear bead with all the bond strength needed to easily adhere a variety of materials. It is conveniently formulated as All-Temp to work in any temperature gun currently available.

Cool Shot Super Low Temperature Glue Gun Surebonder Drop Ship Only

This super low temperature mini glue gun is ideal for crafts, art and school projects. It operates at a lower temperature than low and high temperature guns for safer use. The nozzle is also insulated to protect finger tips. The glue dries in seconds and if it gets on your hands it will not burn. Glue will bond to paper, ribbon, lightweight fabric and other delicate materials. Uses Cool Shot glue sticks.

Cool Shot Super Low Temperature Glue Sticks Surebonder Drop Ship Only

Super low temperature, clear mini glue sticks for use with the Surebonder Cool Shot Super Low Temperature Glue Gun. Fifteen 4" sticks per package.

Foam Stik Mini Glue Sticks Surebonder Drop Ship Only

Low temperature mini glue sticks for bonding craft foam, floral foam, paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, ribbon, lace, and other delicate materials. For use with Low-Temperature Glue Guns. Not recommended for use with other glue guns. Fifteen 4" × 5/16" diameter sticks per package.

Glue Gun Kits Surebonder Drop Ship Only

These kits feature dual temperature glue guns that offer the versatility of high or low temperature bonding all in one gun. The high temperature setting is ideal for crafts, floral and do-it-yourself projects, and provides better bonding to metals, plastics, ceramics, wood, metal, magnets, leather and paper. The low temperature setting is good for bonding delicate materials such as lace, foil, ribbon, floral form, lightweight fabric and other porous and non-porous materials. Each kit includes a glue gun and twelve 4" glue sticks.

Specialty Series Cordless/Corded Glue Gun Surebonder Drop Ship Only

This 60 watt high temperature cordless glue gun is great for all smaller projects along with some D.I.Y. applications. The full-sized glue gun reaches a high temperature which allows for better bonding with porous and non-porous materials. It includes a charging stand with a mini glue pad.