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Best-Test Paper Cement Best-Test

Made from a special quality of white rubber, this cement is treated and blended to a dependable paper contact adhesive for paste-ups and other graphic arts uses. Holds fast, but can be removed cleanly with thinner. Also excellent as a frisket when thinned.

Bestine Solvent & Thinner Best-Test

Made for reducing rubber cements, this thinner can also be used for cleaning metal. Also excellent for thinning rubber cement to make frisket.

Rubber Cement Pick-Up Best-Test

Designed for erasing excess cement and cleaning up areas around glued surfaces, especially on finished paste-ups.

No-Wrinkle Rubber Cement Elmer's

This rubber cement provides an easy solution for adhering photos and detailed cut and paste projects. The brush on applicator makes it easy to apply. The cement is acid-free, photo safe and doesn't show wrinkles as it dries. Excess glue rubs off cleanly.

Economy Rubber Cement Beacon Drop Ship Only

An economical cement that performs ideally for any office job, though it doesn't have the strength of other Beacon Premium Rubber Cement. 4 oz. jar includes a brush in the cap.

Premium Rubber Cement Beacon Drop Ship Only

Beacon Premium Rubber Cement is manufactured with premium white natural rubber and provides the highest quality performance and superior results. The acid-free formula never shrinks, curls, or wrinkles paper. Beacon products are perfect for artwork, photo and photo mounting, scrapbooking, collages, cards, ribbon crafts and other similar applications. They are also ideal for many commercial, classroom, and home uses. 4 oz. jar includes a brush in the cap.

Solvent & Thinner Beacon Drop Ship Only

Formulated to thin and clean Beacon Premium Rubber Cement as well as many other types of adhesives. Readily removes inks, stickers, decals, and labels from all types of non-porous surfaces. Does not dissolve the majority of manufactured plastics. Exceptional and easy to use cleaner for machinery. Additional applications include cleaning photographs, removing postage stamps and tapes from posters and frames, cleaning printer rollers and parts, eliminating ink residue from rubber stamps, and many other practical uses.

One-Coat Rubber Cement Best-Test Drop Ship Only

This pressure-sensitive rubber cement allows repositioning. It is transparent, curl-proof and will not stain.

Rubber Cement Best-Test Special Order Only

An economical alternative to Best-Test Paper Cement, Best-Test Rubber Cement is specially-formulated for office and school use and will not shrink, wrinkle or curl paper. Best-Test Rubber Cement can be used for either temporary or permanent bonding applications and is acid-free. Great for mounting, scrapbooking, collage and more!

Craft Bond Rubber Cement Elmer's Drop Ship Only

Perfect for artwork and photos, this acid-free rubber cement dries clear and wrinkle-free. Includes a brush applicator in a 4 oz. jar.

Rubber Cement Pick-Up Grafix Drop Ship Only

Designed for erasing excess cement and cleaning up areas around glued surfaces, especially on finished paste-ups.