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Airtight Brush Washer Anderson & Sons Co.

Made from seamless stainless steel, these rust-proof brush washer canisters feature an airtight lid and a removable brush cup.

Brush Cleaning Basin Art Advantage

This brush basin is specially formed to allow brushes to rest in the dual compartment system. Additional section for cleaning brushes, along with 24 brush rests for drying and shaping. Will accept any solvent and is perfect for water. Measures approximately 6.5" × 6.5" square and is 3.5" tall with the lid attached.

Brush Wash Bucket With Removable Inner Basins Art Advantage

Deluxe brush bucket features two removable water basins (each holds 24 oz.), a 16-well palette and a handle that holds nine brushes. Basin with airtight lid holds 72 oz. Brushes not included.

Folding Rubber Brush Washer Art Advantage

This collapsible water bucket holds 1½ liters of water and folds down to a slim 1¾” tall. It features a carry handle and hang tab so you can clip to bag or easel box for easy transport to the outdoors.

Brush Washers Art Alternatives

Specially designed for use with mineral spirits, turpentine and other solvents the stainless steel Brush Washers feature latching lids that lock securely to minimize odors and prevent evaporation. A removable strainer cup lets sediment collect in the bottom. Perfect for studio or classroom use, the bucket style handle makes it easy to carry or hang. Disassembles for easy cleaning!

Bag of Rags Bag-O-Rags

These sweatshirt weight, white French terry wiper rags are perfect for painters of every medium. Each absorbent wiper is a good usable size, approximately 20" x 20" and is smooth on one side and looped on the other. 1 lb. of rags per bag.

Citrus Essence Brush Cleaner Chelsea Classical Studios

Rinse your paint brushes with Citrus Essence Brush Cleaner during painting sessions to remove paint from brushes, and thoroughly clean your brushes with it after your painting sessions to remove paint and medium.

Lavender & Olive Oil Brush Soap Chelsea Classical Studios

Lavender & Olive Oil Brush Soap is a handmade soap created to both clean and moisturize paint brushes, keeping them in good condition for future use. It is made from olive oil, lavender oil, wax, and lye. No chemical detergents or additives are used.

Lavender Brush Cleaner Chelsea Classical Studios

Rinse your paint brushes with Lavender Brush Cleaner during painting sessions to remove paint from brushes, and thoroughly clean your brushes with it after your painting sessions to remove paint and medium.

Citra Solv Natural Cleaner & Degreaser CitraSolv

This citrus cleaner and degreaser is a versatile solvent and art medium. A natural replacement for petroleum based solvents and turpentine, it is ideal for cleaning brushes, tools, printing plates, clothing and more. It removes adhesives, gum, oil, grease, wax and permanent marker. Artists can also use it to transfer images onto vellum, paper, acetate, metal or fabric for collages, cloth art, quilting, creative projects and more. It can be used to create amazing abstract altered papers from magazine pages for mixed media, collages, scrapbooking and endless creative projects. Use it in full-strength for especially tough jobs or dilute it with water to handle lighter projects.

Kiss-Off General Pencil

This on-the-spot stain remover eliminates most stains without laundering or dry cleaning. For use on silk, cotton, linen, most synthetics and other fine fabrics when they have been stained by oil paint, lipstick/makeup, grease, etc. Also great for clening rubber stamps without drying out or compromising the rubber.

The Masters Artist Survival Kit General Pencil

This kit includes all the products needed for safe, easy art and craft clean-up. It includes 2.5 oz. of Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver, a 4.5 oz bar of Masters Hand Soap, .7 oz. of Kiss-Off Stain Remover, a Factis extra-soft eraser and an All-Art sharpener in a handy brush cleaning basin.

The Masters Brush Cleaner General Pencil

Safe brush cleaner that will not harm red sable or any type bristle. For use with oil, acrylic or watercolor residues. All you need is water.

The Masters Hand Soap Bar General Pencil

The Masters Hand Soap is specially formulated to remove petroleum-based paint or materials without harsh and messy thinners. It removes dried-on paint with just water. It's non-abrasive, and leaves hands soft. Available in individual 1.4 oz and 4.5oz bars.

The Masters Ink, Paint & Stain Remover Clean-Up Kit General Pencil

This kit includes one The Masters Hand Soap (1.4 oz) and one Kiss-Off Stain Remover. Kiss-Off removes dried paint and inks from fabric, cleans rubber stamps and more. Artist Soap washes dye and ink from hands without drying out. This kit is ideal for the crafter, illustrator and artist working with paints, inks and dyes.

DUO Aqua Oil Brush Cleaner Holbein

This non-flammable brush cleaner has no harsh smell and can be used to clean any DUO oil, watercolor or acrylic brushes, or tools. DUO Aqua Oil Brush Cleaner can also be used to clean traditional oil color brushes, however, the brushes must be completely dry before being used again. To avoid spoiling the cleaner and to maintain its cleaning ability, remove excess color with a rag or paper first before cleaning with this solution.

Artool Studio Wipes Iwata-Medea

The best cleaner for all art surfaces. Cleans art materials, work surfaces, airbrushes and studio tools.

Neatsfoot Oil Mack

Prime Neatsfoot Oil is a restorative…keep your brushes soft and pliable.

SavvySoap Hand and Brush Cleaner Marvelous Marianne's

SavvySoap offers superior cleaning of all kinds of paints, inks and grime — with or without water. And it doesn’t crack or dry out skin or tools. Work the cleaner into the bristles of your brush to clean and soften even hardened paint, and just rinse with water and air dry.

SkinSafer Concentrated Barrier Cream Marvelous Marianne's

SkinSafer is a cooling peppermint and greaseless barrier cream that protects your skin from paints, inks, pastels, hair tints, and harsh weather. Apply to your hands before you start painting to make cleanup easy!

Mona Lisa Brush Cleaning Fluid & Tank Mona Lisa

This system will clean, condition, preserve and protect artists' precious brushes. The cleaning fluid has built-in brush conditioner, and the cylindrical tank features a screen at the bottom for removing grime.

Acetone Spray Montana Cans

Montana Acetone spray is a universal thinner and cleaning agent that is transparent in color. It removes residue of paint, lacquer, silicone, wax, tar, and can be used as a general degreasing agent. This spray works great for flushing out spray caps to clean them after use. It can be used on porcelain, glass, ceramics, blank metals and more. It is non-corrosive and evaporates quickly without leaving a residue. Always test the spray on a non-visible area to check for any reactions to lacquer or paint, especially when used on plastic grounds as it may etch synthetic surfaces.

Faux Paint Remover Motsenbocker's Lift Off

This water-based, biodegradable, environmentally-safe faux paint remover eliminates wet and dried faux paint from a variety of surfaces including paint brushes, clothes, stencils, concrete, metals, stone and ceramics, fabrics and hands. It also removes crackle paint, glazed finishes, metallic paint and varnish.

Poster Paint Remover Motsenbocker's Lift Off

This water-based, biodegradable, environmentally-safe poster paint remover eliminates wet and dried poster paint from a variety of surfaces including paint brushes, clothes, walls, desk tops, carpet, other fabrics and hands.

Tapes, Stickers & Adhesives Remover Motsenbocker's Lift Off

This low VOC cleanser removes wet and dried spray mount, rubber cement, glue sticks and adhesives from a variety of surfaces including hands, office equipment, counter tops, bathroom stalls, desk tops, ceramic, stone, tile, metal, plastic, fiberglass, carpet, furniture, clothes and other fabrics.

Silicone Paint Brush Cleaners Paint Puck

Save time, water and brushes with this innovative silicone brush cleaner from Paint Puck. An alternative to the traditional coils or mesh screens, the soft, gentle Paint Puck nubs hyper-saturate your rinse water and removes paint from brushes in seconds. A suction cup on the base keeps the puck firmly attached to the bottom of your rinse cup.

Natural Heavy Duty Hand Soap Pinerite

Superior cleaning without harsh chemicals. It contains pine tree powder with the amazing qualities of terpenes. The other natural ingredients include borax, sodium soap, and lanolin. No added fragrance, all-natural ingredients, so it’s good for you and friendly for the environment!

Travel Brush Washer Royal Brush

The travel brush washer has accordion-like sides that will collapse almost flat for traveling. It can be expanded to its full height and filled with water. Constructed of white plastic with a handle.

Brush Cleaning Tank Jar Silicoil

This tank has a spiral coil insert that cleans between bristles and a screw cap that prevents evaporation.

Brush Cleaner & Restorer Winsor & Newton

Groundbreaking technology allows artists to clean and preserve favorite brushes that are caked and clogged with dried acrylic or oil colors. You can use this unique brush cleaner and restorer to remove all traces of paint from both natural and synthetic brushes, leaving brush heads clean and conditioned, with no oily residue. Certified both AP non-toxic and biodegradable, this brush cleaner and restorer is completely safe for artists as well as for the environment. It is non-flammable, does not irritate skin or eyes, does not emit harmful vapors and is not an inhalation hazard.

Brush Cleaning Basins Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Soak, scrub, rinse and air-dry your brushes! Fine brushes are investments, and it pays to have a well-designed brush basin to keep drying paint from ruining them. These sturdy plastic basins are compartmentalized, one side for soaking, the other for washing. Angled slots hold larger brushes off the bottom while they soak, and graduated ridges in the washing chamber make proper scrubbing painless. Holes along the rim hold brushes of varying sizes, bristles up, for drying, and the lid functions as a palette. Ideal for use with water, but safe for other solvents.

Stainless Steel Brush Washer Art Alternatives Special Order Only

The Stainless Steel Brush Washer features a spiral holder which suspends brush tips to prevent bending or deforming of the bristles as they hang to dry or soak in either water or solvents. A removable sediment grate provides a surface to whisk bristles clean and allows pigment to settle below. The cup measures 4-1/8" diameter x 2" deep. Washer disassembles for easy cleaning and will not rust!

Brush Beater Rack Bob Ross Special Order Only

The answer to big brush drying! Keeps your studio clean and cuts down on paint splatters and dripping brushes. Just put this rack inside a rectangular trash can, clean your brush with odorless mineral spirits, shake out the excess, and then beat the devil out of it with the brush beater rack.

Brush Cleaner & Conditioner Bob Ross Special Order Only

Formulated as a cleaner and conditioner of all brush types, this Bob Ross product is ideal for maintaining the original condition of your brushes. After cleaning, a little cleaner/conditioner rubbed into the bristles of your brush will keep it like new.

Brush Cleaning Bucket & Screen Bob Ross Special Order Only

Designed as a convenient, portable cleaning unit, this bucket and screen set is a tidy and safe way to clean brushes.

The Masters Clean-Up Kit General Pencil Special Order Only

This value pack includes a bar of Masters non-toxic hand soap and a jar of brush cleaner and preserver. Remove oils, acrylics, watercolors and stains gently from hands and brushes using only water.

The Masters Mini Clean-Up Survival Kit General Pencil Special Order Only

A handy, take-along kit with all the products needed for safe, easy art and craft clean-up. Kit contains a 1-1/2 oz. bar of Masters hand soap, a .7 oz. stick of Kiss-Off stain remover and a 1/4 oz. container of Masters brush cleaner.

Crash Paint Solids Water Cleaning System Golden Special Order Only

With the Crash Paint Solids starter kit artists can remove acrylic paint solids from up to 16 gallons of waste water for more environmentally responsible and safe disposal. This helps reduce build up of acrylics in household plumbing and septic systems, while facilitating safe disposal of acrylic waste.

Bellows Brush Washers Holbein Special Order Only

These sturdy plastic bellows brush washers are excellent for plein air watercolor. The large (HB1150/5) is 4" in diameter, 3.75" in height when opened and 1.5" when closed. The small (HB1150/5S) is 4" in diameter, 2" in height when opened, 1" when closed.

Jack's Linseed Studio Soap Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

This may be the world's best brush cleaner ever…but the best part about it is it can also be used to clean your hands, floors, work surfaces, and just about anything else that needs cleaning.

Plastic Brush Basin Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

This light blue heavy-duty basin features a cover, 1 bucket, 2 water reservoirs; a 16 well paint tray and 5 holes for brushes in the handle.

Mijello Water Bucket Martin Universal Design Special Order Only

This two liter water bucket has three compartments. It includes a wiping pad area. The handles have been formed to hold active brushes.

Brush Shaper Mona Lisa Special Order Only

Brush Shaper is a non-toxic sizing that restores artist brushes to their original shape, and helps to keep them in good condition for longer life. After your brush has been thoroughly cleaned, dip it into Brush Shaper and work the liquid into the bristles. Shape the brush to the desired point, and let dry. When the brush is ready to be used again, remove Bush Shaper by briskly moving the bristles back and forth or by rinsing with water. It comes in a 2 oz. wide mouth jar.

Pink Soap Artist Brush Cleaner Mona Lisa Special Order Only

This highly active all-purpose cleaner works double time. For cleaning brushes, simply put a few drops in the palm of your hand and work the oil paint out of your brush. It also cleans household items such as greasy stove tops, ovens, skillets, upholstery, carpet, jewelry and gem stones. Contains no chlorides, alkalis, phosphates, alcohol or solvents.

Brush Plus Brush Cleaner Plaid Special Order Only

Clean and condition brushes with this fast, one-step water-based formula. This safe gel works on water and solvent-based products, including acrylics, oils, alkyd and watercolor paints, varnishes, stains, glues and painting mediums.

Brush Groomer Royal Brush Special Order Only

Use this nibbed, heart shaped grooming pad to clean stubborn paint out of brushes. Ideal for use with stencil brushes.

Square Brush Basin Royal Brush Special Order Only

This sturdy, hard plastic basin is divided into three compartments for soaking, scrubbing and rinsing. One side has two compartments with a brush rest for soaking and rinsing. The other side has a ridges in the bottom for gently removing stubborn paint from bristles. Holes along the lip of the basin provide additional resting places for brushes. The basin also has a lid so that you can store your solvent for later use.

Artguard Barrier Cream Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

A light, pleasantly scented, non-greasy cream that rubs easily into the skin to form an invisible barrier against most types of artist painting materials. Artguard helps prevent harmful or irritating substances from penetrating the skin and contains an emulsion of waxes, glycerin and natural oil which help to protect and condition the skin