This 3-part brush cleaning system is a good solution to brush cleaning and drying needs. The system consists of odorless thinner in a convenient half-gallon container, a brush cleaning screen and a brushbeater rack for big brush drying. Both the screen and rack are soft vinyl coated to protect and prolong the lives of valuable brushes. Each of the items is also available separately.

Brush Cleaning System
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
BOB-R6519 Brush Beater Rack $10.49 $8.39 In stock
BOB-R6538 32 oz. Odorless Thinner $19.49 $15.59 In stock
BOB-R6520 Thinner Screen $8.29 $8.29 Special order
BOB-R6524 Cleaning System $36.99 $36.99 Special order