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128oz SavvySoap Hand and Brush Cleaner Marvelous Marianne's


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SavvySoap offers superior cleaning of all kinds of paints, inks and grime — with or without water. And it doesn’t crack or dry out skin or tools. Work the cleaner into the bristles of your brush to clean and soften even hardened paint, and just rinse with water and air dry.

SavvySoap can also be used to clean print rollers and plates, as a de-greasing laundry pre-spotter, or as a metal lubricant. Users say it’s the all-around indoor and outdoor studio and workplace cleaner.

  • Ozone safe: Complies with VOC standards (volatile organic compounds – bad stuff in air).
  • Multi-functional: Buy less, save more.
  • USDA-certified biobased and biodegradable.
  • Non-toxic to humans and aquatic life.
  • No known carcinogens.
  • Made from renewable farm crops and natural botanicals.
  • Non-combustible.
  • Neutralizes gasoline-type smells.

The bottle is even made of recycled PET, using 20% less plastic than HDPE or PVC. Check if it is recyclable in your area. (It is in the City of Los Angeles.)

Brushes and pump not included. This pump for bottles from Art Alternatives is also the correct size to use with the 128 oz. bottles.