Round Bifocal Magnifier Bazic

This sturdy magnifying glass is made with a scratch resistant and shatterproof distortion-free optical grade acrylic lens so it's going to last you a long, long time! This magnifying glass has a bifocal glass lens with 2× magnification on the larger lens and 4× magnification on the small inset lens for detail work.

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Pocketlenses ITOYA Warehouse Only

Small enough to fit in a pocket, wallet or purse, these magnifying Fresnel lenses allow for easier viewing of fine print and images. They are ideal for magnifying details on photos, maps, books, menus, newspapers and instructions, and are a convenient alternative to bulky magnifiers. They come with a protective sleeve.

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Ergologic Magnifying Glass Maped Warehouse Only

This 2¾" diameter magnifying glass has a comfortable ergonomic soft-touch handle, making the viewing of small details easy on the eye. The scratch-resistant 3× magnification glass lens will not distort over time. Available in two assorted colors: black with a grey handle and grey with a black handle.

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