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6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge 3M

This organic 3" x 5" vapor cartridge is designed for use with 3M 6000 Series Half and Full Face piece respirators and 3M 7000 Series Half and Full Face piece respirators with bayonet style cartridge holders. Two organic cartridges per package.

P95 Respirator Filters  3M

This respirator filter is designed for use with 3M respirators, including the 3M 6000 and 7000 series respirator face-pieces. May also be used in addition to a 3M respirator cartridge when attached with a 3M 501 adapter. This respirator filter is often used in spray painting environments. These filters are NIOSH certified to have filter efficiency level of 95 or greater protection against oil and non-oil based particulates. Ten filters per package.

Tekk Protection Disposable Paint Odor Respirator 3M

This non-valved disposable respirator helps relieve annoying odors from latex and aerosol paints. NIOSH approved (R95).

Tekk Protection Paint Project Respirators 3M

These dual-cartridge respirators are for professional use and protect against organic vapors and mists associated with spray painting. NIOSH approved: OV/P95.

Virtua Safety Glasses 3M

This 3M Virtua protective eye-wear looks so good, you won't mind wearing it anywhere. Ideal for promoting and maintaining safety compliance, these sleek, unisex-style glasses feature contoured flexible temples for a snug and comfortable fit. The wrap design provides full coverage, superior protection and an unobstructed view. These handsome glasses weigh less than 1 oz., and their universal nose bridge helps prevent slippage. The tough, poly-carbonate construction provides increased impact resistance.

Disposable Dust Masks Art Alternatives

Use Disposable Dust Masks to protect your lungs against non-toxic nuisance dust. Five masks per pack.

Soft White Cotton Gloves Art Alternatives

Use Soft White Cotton Gloves to protect your artwork from oil, dirt and fingerprints. They're perfect for precise work, and are comfortable and machine-washable. In a 4-pack.

Textured Latex Gloves Art Alternatives

Textured Latex Gloves protect your hands from the drying or toxic elements in art supplies. They're non-sterile and slightly textured for better grip. In a package of 10.

Artist's Studio Torch ArtResin

This handheld torch allows you to easily eliminate bubbles from your ArtResin surface for a flawless finish. Powered by butane (not included), the flame instantly reaches 1300º C / 2400º F. When fully fueled, the torch lasts 60-90 minutes. Safe for indoor use.

Resin Accessory Kit ArtResin

Five pairs of nitrile gloves, five reusable spreaders, four resin stands, and one reusable stir stick.

Tube Squeezers Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze Tube Squeezer is a revolutionary device that lets you empty any tube with ease. The heavy-duty all-metal design has an easy-to-use, ergonomic grip and is dishwasher safe. It will wring out most tubes up to 3.1" wide, whether they are metal, flexible plastic, or rigid plastic. Save money on your paint by making sure you're not leaving it behind in an "empty" tube!

Miracle Sponges Color Wheel Co.

Miracle Sponges are thinly compressed cellulose sponges that expand when wet. They are easily cut or torn into desired shapes, then dipped in paint and used to print on clothing, furniture, window coverings, walls, stationery, gift wrap, balloons, party decorations and much more!

ViewCatcher Color Wheel Co.

This innovative tool is a 3-1/2" square plastic device that slides open to provide a viewing window to help frame compositions. The square opening is 1-15/16" at its largest point, and has indicators for standard proportions used for framing purposes, such as 8" x 10", 12" x 14", etc. Made of durable, mid-gray, ABS plastic, it has a convenient thumb grip for opening the viewing window. A small round opening in the center of the sliding window allows you to determine the value of the colors your are viewing. It's useful for framing and composition for fine art, crafts and photography. It comes with an 8-page instruction booklet.

Plastic Drop Cloth DDI

Protects floors and furniture while you paint. Durable and easy to dispose.

Take-Apart Mahlstick Excel Blades

Artists and sign painters use this light-weight aluminum tubing to steady their arms when special work requires fine detail and consistent control over delicate or wet artwork. Its rubber tip prevents slipping and protects the work from damage, and the handy take-apart feature turns the mahlstick into a neat, compact unit for easy storage. It is 30" long and weighs only 3-1/2 oz.

Gripr Cap Removal Tool Golden

Acrylic colors can act as a glue between caps and tubes, so many have difficulty removing caps. Additionally, people with diminished manual dexterity or strength find the small caps on most paint tubes difficult or even painful to work with. This strong and flexible ABS plastic tube opener makes it easy to quickly remove fouled caps. It works with 2 oz. and 5 oz. Golden tubes, Williamsburg Oil tubes, QoR Watercolor tubes, and similarly sized paint tube caps from other manufacturers.

Edge Can Gun Spray Tool Grafix

This handy tool is great for large urban art projects. The tool has a trigger mechanism that snaps on to paint cans allowing the artist to comfortably control spray flow and minimize finger fatigue.

LED Black Lights Jack Richeson & Co.

Make your fluorescent paints and paint sticks glow with these LED Black Lights.

Reusable Zip Ties Jacquard

Tie dyers love how easily they can bind fabric tightly when they use zip ties. But zip ties are typically single-use, and no one likes throwing away that much plastic, least of all environmentally-conscious tie-dyeing folks. Use as many of these reusable zip ties as you want guilt free, because you’ll never throw a zip tie away again!

YouCAN Refillable Air Powered Spray Can Jacquard

Jacquard’s YouCAN is the first ever refillable air powered spray can that looks and feels just like a regular aerosol can. It can be filled with any liquid and used over and over again! Simply fill the can with the medium of your choosing, pressurize with a bike pump or compressor, and spray! When it runs out, start over and do it again! For ages 12+.

Compact Sprayer Krink

The Compact Sprayer is a hand-pressurized paint delivery system. Attaches to most standard 2-liter plastic bottles. Portable and great for indoor and outdoor projects. Bottle not included, assembly required.

Mini Sprayer Krink

The Mini Sprayer is a hand-pressurized paint delivery system. Handheld and great for smaller projects. Comes empty with an adjustable nozzle. Two liter capacity. Assembly required.

Sprayer Krink

The Sprayer is a hand-pressurized paint delivery system. It will take a bit of trial and error, but once you master the process you can achieve unique marks on a large scale. The black plastic tank with white logo has a 5 liter (169 fl. oz.) capacity and comes empty with a stainless steel wand and adjustable brass nozzle. Assembly required.

Aluminum Paint Tube Natural Earth Paint

Aluminum collapsible empty tube with black mushroom cap for oil or water-based pastes. Fill the tube with paint (with a palette knife), pinch the open end to flatten it, then crimp and fold twice. Holds approximately 60ml of paint.

Glass Muller Natural Earth Paint

Hand-crafted by local artisans, these beautiful, large, 2 lb. glass mullers are perfect for ensuring your paints have been thoroughly mixed. Using a glass muller guarantees that every pigment particle has been completely coated in oil which eliminates the risk of having an air pocket in your painting. Can be used for mixing all types of paint.

Ivy Felt Paragon International Arts

Place under rice paper when sumi painting in order to absorb water. Beige wool will not distort color of painting like some darker felts.

Artist's Sponges Royal Brush

A variety of sponges which work well with all painting media and for many effects such as faux finish, stippling and staining. All sizes are approximate.

Sponge Sets Royal Brush

Combination set has one each small, medium and large sponges. Silk, wool and yellow sets have three of the individual type sponges to a package. All are approximately 3".

Amsterdam Acrylic Dosing Nozzles Royal Talens

The unique closeable dosing nozzle allows you to paint directly from the tube to the substrate. 5 nozzles per package.

Chalk Line Reel Sterling

Ideal for use at home or on the job site. Makes perfectly straight chalk lines every time. Chalk not included

Basic Apron Tran Products

Made of 11.45 oz. duck canvas, this duck utilitarian apron is designed to offer water-repellent protection for your clothes whether you are painting, sculpting or printing. It features four front pockets, an adjustable neck strap and stitched-on ties. It measures 23" x 29".

Reusable Half-Face Respirator 6000 Series 3M Special Order Only

These respirators are proven to be simple to handle and comfortable for the wearer. The exhalation port provides increased durability, easy cleaning and reduced breathing resistance, which helps to increase comfort. This respirator has the 3M bayonet connection system allowing connection to a broad range of twin light-weight filters to protect against gases, vapors and particulates depending upon the wearers individual needs.

Atomizer Art Alternatives Special Order Only

A traditional, non-aerosol way to apply fixative, this mouth atomizer functions like an airbrush, powered by your breath. It can also be used to spray watercolor, ink and thinned acrylics for special effects.

Safety Glasses Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Safety Glasses are essential to protect your eyes from liquid splashes and sharp implements. These crystal clear plastic glasses provide full eye coverage and feature side ventilation.

Aprons Creativity Street Special Order Only

These durable 100% cotton art aprons hold up year after year. They protect adults' clothes during messy activities, and feature two handy pockets for art supplies and tie-straps to secure the apron in place. The bib cut apron measures 17"w x 21"l not including tie-straps and the full-length apron is 24"w x 34"l not including tie straps.

Edge Vinyl Gloves Grafix Special Order Only

The long lasting powder-coated gloves that are easy to put on and provide all day protection. These vinyl gloves are available in both black and white and come with 10 gloves per pack.

Edge White Dust Mask Grafix Special Order Only

This dust mask is a comfortable and effective way to avoid breathing airborne particles. Spray paint particulates are not always visible to the naked eye which makes providing a breathing barrier between the artist and their work of art of high importance. NIOSH approved (N95).

Painters Edge Grafix Special Order Only

This portable tool will create a great edge line while protecting the urban artist's work from unwanted overspray. It works great for large areas and those hard to get corners.

Studio Apron Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

This apron has large side pockets in addition to the large center pocket across the bib. It is made from rugged, 100% cotton duck canvas. One size fits most.

Rubber Gloves Jacquard Special Order Only

Very thin nitrile exam gloves that fit like a second skin. Great quality and biodegradable.

Paint Saver Keys Masterson Special Order Only

Put an end to crimped, cracked, leaky tubes of paint. Each package contains a random assortment of three key sizes for different sized tubes.

Black Nitril Gloves Montana Cans Special Order Only

Montana Nitril Gloves Black are 100% synthetic, latex and powder-free. The textured surface not only allows for extra grip, it is also soft so you can stay comfortable and protected for longer periods. Nitril gloves are a cost-friendly alternative to latex able to keep your hands protected for indoor or outdoor use. They are water-resistant, ambidextrous and non-sterile. Available in boxes of 100 gloves.

Disposable Black Latex Gloves Montana Cans Special Order Only

These disposable, powder-free black latex gloves are made with a slight texture to allow artists superior grip on spray cans, reducing slippage. Available in medium, large or extra-large in boxes of 100 gloves.

Nylon Gloves Montana Cans Special Order Only

These reusable gloves are made of anthracite woven nylon. The gloves have a dirt-repellant polyurethane coating that gives them better grip than conventional nylon gloves.

Winter Gloves Montana Cans Special Order Only

Montana Winter Gloves are ideal protection for use while handling paint and lacquers. They are an extremely comfortable mix of a nylon shell, a soft brush acrylic lining and a high grip exterior latex coating. These materials allow breathing for your hands to maintain optimum warmth for use between -5 and 8°C. The serrated fingertips offer exact touch and finger positioning. It is recommended to warm hands before putting the gloves on.

Craft Sack Natural Sea Sponges Royal Brush Special Order Only

A handy mesh sack of assorted natural sponges in popular application sizes and shapes. Suitable for acrylic, tempera, watercolor and oil painting as well as for use in sculpture, ceramics, tile, pottery, print-making, faux finishing and more.

Assorted Tip Set for Abstract Acrylics Sennelier Special Order Only

This set includes eight different tips with varied tip size and shape openings, for use with Sennelier Abstract Acrylic pouches. Includes four round tips with varying diameters, two flat and two split tips.

Tube Wringers Tube Wringer Special Order Only

The Tube Wringer will be your main squeeze for any product packaged in squeezable tube containers - you'll get up to 1/3 more for your money from every tube. Squeeze the last drop of expensive paint, glue, mediums and more from their tubes. It can also be used as a crimper for craft projects. The Medium Duty model is plastic with metal wringers; the Heavy Duty model is made entirely of metal.