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Mini Paint Palette Akashiya

This palm-sized that is convenient to carry. Made of lightweight and easy-to-use ABS resin.

Paint and Solvent Cups Alpha 6 Corporation

These paint and solvent cups have a bombproof design that will last a lifetime. They are constructed from 304 Stainless Steel and measure 1.625" × 2.375".

Classic Oval Safety Glass Palette Amaco

This 11" x 14" palette features a classic oval shape. Made of 100% tempered glass, it features a white safety vinyl back. For use with oil and acrylic paints.

Folding Watercolor Palettes Anderson & Sons Co.

These folding aluminum palettes have a baked enamel coating- black on the outside and white on the inside. Each palette features a selection of color wells, large mixing areas and a unique thumb hole with its own small door.

Airtight Covered Palette Art Advantage

Made of durable, solvent-resistant plastic, dried acrylic simply peels off palette and oil wipes off for easy clean up. The tray base features 23 divided wells surrounding a large center area for mixing. The lid seals tight and keeps paint fresh, and also serves as an additional mixing tray.

Airtight Watercolor Folding Palette Boxes Art Advantage

These air-tight folding palette boxes feature a sealing ring that keeps air out and moisture in. Available in 18 or 33 well options, both feature a full mixing area in the lid along with a removable tray for additional mixing space. These leak-proof palettes are perfect for plein air painting and travel.

Non-Stick Plastic Palettes Art Advantage

Made of durable, solvent-resistant plastic. Dried acrylic simply peels off the palette, and oil paint wipes off for easy clean up.

Two Sided Palettes Art Advantage

Masonite palette with thumb hole has a white hard baked finish on both sides for true color mixing. Suitable for oils, acrylics, and polymers.

Wood Palette with Brush & Knives Art Advantage

Oil finished 12" × 16" oval wood palette with thumbhole. plus three bristle brushes and two plastic palette knives.

Artist's Clear Palettes Art Alternatives

Clear for perfect color matching! These clear acrylic palettes appeal to any artist who wants to see the true color of their painting medium. Each palette features smooth edges for a comfortable grip, and the glossy surface is perfect for mixing oils, alkyds or acrylics. Rubbing alcohol can be used to remove dried-on acrylic paint, and mineral spirits or thinner can be used to remove alkyds or oils.

Double Clip-On Palette Cups Art Alternatives

Suitable for all water-based media this pair of palette cups features a durable metal clip and screw-on lids. The cups may be removed from the clip for cleaning. The molded white plastic is highly durable and easy to clean.

Locking Palette & Refill Art Alternatives

This palette keeps paint fresh and ready to use yet also locks securely making it great for saving mixed colors and traveling to your class or studio. Suitable for oil, acrylic and watercolor, it includes a 24-well molded plastic mixing tray, ten sheets of disposable palette paper and three sponges to keep paint moist. The refill contains 20 sheets of disposable palette paper specially sized for the palette.

Plastic Palette Lid Art Alternatives

The perfect companion to the Art Alternatives 10-Well Round Palette. Measuring 7" in diameter, this light-weight plastic palette lid fits the 10-Well Round Palette (AA15408). When not painting, cover the palette with the lid to keep out any dust or particles and to prevent paint from drying out and spilling. The clear lid also allows you to see the colors inside.

Stainless Steel Palette Cups Art Alternatives

Painting accessories that offer the durability of metal combined with simple design that is long lasting and easy to clean. Stainless Steel Palette Cups without lids have the same form and function as the palette cups with lids. They are designed to hold solvents, linseed oil or other painting mediums, and clip conveniently to the edge of your palette.

Stainless Steel Palette Cups w/Lids Art Alternatives

Designed to hold solvents, linseed oil or other painting mediums these stainless steel palette cups clip conveniently to the edge of your palette and feature sealed lids forming an airtight seal to prevent spilling or evaporation.

Mixing Palette Paint Trays Bazic

These mixing palette paint trays are perfect for holding acrylic paints, watercolor or oil. Made of environmentally friendly molded plastic, they have a smooth surface, are easy to clean, and have good anti-corrosive performance. There are ten mixing spaces to provide more color-mixing opportunities.

Clear Plastic Palette Bob Ross

This is the same palette used by Bob Ross on his television series Joy of Painting. Made of 1/8" thick non-porous clear acrylic, the true shades of colors can be observed without the interference of a white background. The 16" × 24" standard kidney shape and the position of the thumb hole make it ideal for either left- or right-handed artists.

Museum Palette Aquarelle Caran d'Ache

Palette Aquarelle has been developed by Caran d’Ache for an easy application of dry media in order to use the concentrated pigment of water-soluble products like Museum Aquarelle, Supracolor Soft, and Neocolor II for watercolor painting. Two in one, this original accessory is made of frosted plexiglass and has two faces with specific textures. The rough face imitates the texture of paper and allows the pigments to grip the surface and to allow watercolor blending. On the other side, the smooth face is appropriate for all kind of paints such as gouache, acrylic, oil and watercolor. Resistant to alcohol, acetone, UV and scrubbing. Cleans easily with water. This is an indispensable accessory for professional and amateur artists, art students and school kids. The lightweight design and small size make it the perfect watercolor accessory for plein air artists, too!

Empty Watercolor Pans Generic

Empty watercolor pans allow you to customize your own watercolor palette by filling them with any color or brand you choose of watercolor or gouache. Fits most brands of empty palettes and even DIY solutions like Altoids tins. Full pans measures 3cm × 2cm × 1cm, half pans measure 1.7cm × 1.9cm × 1cm. Available in packs of 10 pans.

Paint Tray Generic

This paint tray is good for loading up a 9" wide paint roller.

Butcher Trays Jack Richeson & Co.

These Chinese porcelain trays have a convex center so water will run to the edge, making them the perfect palettes for dry brush techniques in watercolor or gouache. Modeled after the original American butcher trays, the smooth surface cleans easily and can last a lifetime. They may occasionally come with chips on the rim, but this is normal and will not affect the working surface for the artist.

Mijello 24-Well Airtight Palette Martin Universal Design

This 24-slanted well palette is lightweight, compact and portable with a tremendous amount of mixing space for colors. Made of high tech, high impact plastic, it is kept airtight by a special sealing ring that locks in moisture. Measures 6"w x 12.5"h folded.

Mijello Fredi Weber Palette Martin Universal Design

This palette has a flat and reliable surface that will not bow. Acrylic colors peel off and oil colors wipe off clean. It has an unobstructed 12.75" x 8.875" surface with a slight lip to prevent paint from migrating off the edges.

Mijello Fusion Airtight 18-Well Watercolor Palette Martin Universal Design

This sturdy, lightweight plastic 18-well watercolor palette is pure white on the inside to show true paint color. The palette contains 18 small wells, two large wells and a removable clear mixing tray. It closes airtight and the inside of the lid can be used for mixing. It measures 5" x 10.5".

Artist Palette Seal Masterson

Save paint, time and money using the Masterson Palette Seal. This airtight container safely holds any type of paint palette between sessions. For oils, place your favorite type of palette - wood, glass, plastic or paper - into the Palette Seal tray and snap on the lid. Your paints will stay fresh for many days-even weeks when they're sealed! For acrylics and other water-miscible paints, use Masterson's patented Sta-Wet Premier Acrylic Paper and Sponge, sold separately.

Sta-Wet Handy Palette Masterson

This is the perfect size palette for the beginning student or hobby painter working with small amounts of paint. The convenient 8-1/2" x 7" palette comes with five disposable palette sheets and a sponge, plus a top cover that provides air-tight storage. A zipper bag is included for double protection and keeps acrylics and oils fresh and workable for extended periods.

Sta-Wet Palette Sponge Refills Masterson

Used to keep acrylic paints moist, these sponges are used with Sta-Wet airtight palettes. These yellow cellulose sponges last longer and absorb more water than the previous blue foam versions thereby reducing the amount of water required to keep paint moist. One sponge per package.

Sta-Wet Premier Palette Masterson

Large, 12" x 16" size gives maximum palette surface in this light-weight, durable palette. Palette is airtight when closed. Includes a sponge and twenty sheets of Sta-Wet acrylic film which help create a damp atmosphere to keep paints fresh for extended time periods. Lid is detachable for ease of use. Packs of forty refill sheets also available.

Easy Lift Artist Palette New Wave

Easy to hold and easy to clean, this artist palette is ideal for acrylic paints and versatile enough for oils. Dried acrylic paints simply peel away, while oil paints are easily removed with solvents. The palette can be set flat on a table or held with ease due the 3-point ergonomic design, which evenly distributes the weight among your hand, arm and torso. It comes with a flexible silicone thumb ring that is interchangeable for right and left handed painters. At 11" x 16" and 11 oz. this palette is light-weight and easily transportable. Made in the USA.

POSH Glass Palettes New Wave

New Wave POSH glass artist palettes are everything the name implies. The palettes are made from 1/8" tempered glass for maximum strength and safety and include corner guards for added protection and surface traction. The edges are softened, and the underside (grey and white) is finished with a dense, solvent and water resistant formulation that has excellent color fastness. Available in grey, white, and clear.

Hands-Free Watercolor Palette Portable Painter

This watercolor palette fits effortlessly in a pocket or purse so it’s always with you. At about the size of a smartphone, it converts instantly to a complete watercolor rig ready for your twelve favorite colors.

Extra Large Palette Tray Pro Art

This white, plastic palette has 20 sections for all mixing requirements: four slant, four rectangular, four large, and eight round color wells. Measures approximately 10"x 13".

Metal Butcher Trays Pro Art

All metal, white porcelain coated palette is available in three sizes. This easy clean-up palette is suited for oils, acrylics or watercolor. (The porcelain coat can chip off, this is normal in the manufacturing process.)

Oval Wood Palette Pro Art

Finished wood palette with thumb hole. Perfect for oil and acrylic painting. Measures approximately 16"x 12".

Plastic Butcher Trays Pro Art

These butcher style trays are made of shatter resistant plastic. Use for soaking paper, paint, beadwork or any project requiring a smooth, clean surface. Dried paint peels off for easy clean up. 1" deep.

Sealed Cup Palette Pro Art

Palette with twelve sealed palette cups, four slant wells, and six brush rests. Each removable palette cup holds .35 fluid ounce. The cups are perfect for keeping paint separate and air tight, and can also be used to organize and store other craft items. Measures approximately 10.75"x 12".

Plastic Paint Palettes Royal Brush

These durable acrylic palettes are ideal for all types of paint.

Van Gogh Half Pan Empty Travel Boxes Royal Talens

These empty plastic travel boxes hold either 12 or 24 half pans of Van Gogh watercolor paints. Select your own pans to create a custom set!

Aluminum Palette Cups Testrite

Rust-proof aluminum palette cups with a clip for attaching to the palette. Small cups are 1-5/8" in diameter and 7/8" tall, and medium cups are 2" in diameter and 1-3/16" tall.

Tube Holder Whiskey Painters of America

This palette is for the Whiskey Painter (or watercolor painter) who prefers tubes to pans Similar in design to the standard palette, the metal palette opens to a full 5½" × 8". The palette side and underside of the lid can be used for mixing, while the center area holds 5ml tubes of watercolor. Customize your palette with your own selection of brand and paint colors. A thumb ring is attached underneath for holding while you paint. Closes to a compact 2¾" × 5½" - perfect for plein air and traveling. Made in the USA.

Porcelain Watercolor Dish Yasutomo

For a serene painting experience use this elegant porcelain watercolor dish for mixing colors out of the tube or from pans. This single round saucer measures 3"-1/2" in diameter.

Watercolor Palette Yasutomo

A plastic watercolor palette that opens out into three sections.

Watercolor Sectional Dish Yasutomo

A 5" diameter by 5/8" deep, round, 6-sectioned, floral-shaped, porcelain mixing dish.

Craft Glass Palette Amaco Special Order Only

This 11" x 14" table-top, 100% tempered safety glass palette is an ideal work surface for students, artists and hobbyists. Featuring a white safety vinyl back.

Clear Acrylic Palettes Art Advantage Special Order Only

Sturdy and durable, these clear acrylic palettes are ideal for all thick media mixing purposes. Nonstaining and scratch resistant. Great for studio, field, or class work. Designed for true color evaluation.

10-Well Paint Tray w/Thumb Hole Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Suitable for all water-based media, this paint tray has six round wells and four rectangular wells. It has the contour of a traditional palette and features a thumb hole. The molded white plastic is highly durable, and the smooth surface is easy to clean.

16-Well Paint Tray Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Suitable for all water-based media, this paint tray features eight rectangular slant wells, and eight round wells. The molded white plastic is highly durable, and the smooth surface is easy to clean.

17-Well Palette with Thumb Hole Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Suitable for all painting media, this traditionally shaped 17-well palette has 12 color wells and five mixing areas. It features a comfortable thumb hole and is made of smooth, highly durable plastic for easy clean-up.

9-Well Paint Tray Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Suitable for all water-based media, this sturdy paint tray is rectangular with rounded corners, a smooth easy to clean surface and nine paint wells. The tray is 7¼" x 3½". The 7 small wells are 1" × ½" and the 2 large wells are about 3½" × 1½".

Allman Plastic Palette Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Tough white plastic palette for watercolors. Features twelve wells and two large wash areas. Diameter: 10"

Aluminum Palettes Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Made of light-weight, durable and rust-proof aluminum, these palettes may be used with all painting media including oil, acrylic and watercolor. Simply designed and easy to clean!

Artist's Wooden Palettes Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Keep your paint at arms length. With four oval and rectangular sizes to choose from, every artist will find the perfect palette to suit their painting needs. These 5mm thick hand sanded wood palettes are both durable and economical.

Color Mixing Cups Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Indispensable, white plastic, 3" diameter mixing cup.

Cupcake Palettes Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Professional artists, students and teachers will appreciate the sensibility of these economical palettes. Deep wells help minimize the mess and keep your creativity where you want it to be, and keep your work space clean and organized. They're perfect for mixing colors (or keeping them separate) and ideal for holding water and all water-based media. Each well holds approximately 3 fl. oz. They're made of durable stain-proof plastic, and the smooth surface cleans up easily.

E-Z Clean Palettes Art Alternatives Special Order Only

These basic artist palettes are made of hard, stiff masonite coated with a durable white melamine surface on one side. The rectangular palette can be used right- or left-handed, while the traditional-shaped oval palettes are designed for the left-hand.

Eldajon Palette Art Alternatives Special Order Only

For years, this palette has been the choice of watercolorists and students. Small enough to fit in most art boxes, it makes a great travel palette and features three large mixing sections and twelve small slant wells for holding color. It stacks without disturbing colors and is made of white, stainproof, high impact styrene plastic. Size: 5-1/2" x 12".

Large Folding Palette Art Alternatives Special Order Only

This sturdy white plastic palette folds and locks for travel or storage and is suitable for use with all media. It has five mixing areas, 28 color wells, five brush rests and a thumb tab for a convenient steady grip. It measures 10-1/2" x 10-1/4" unfolded.

Paint Trays Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Suitable for all water-based media, this sturdy paint tray is rectangular with rounded corners, a smooth, easy-to-clean surface and six paint wells.

San Francisco Slant Palette Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Designed to incorporate features that many watercolorists appreciate, this sleek palette is flat, transportable and constructed of high-impact, stainproof styrene plastic with a glossy white finish. A selection of four large shallow dishes, four rectangular mixing sections, four adjacent slants and eight small round wells are all arranged on a 9" x 13" surface.

Sealed Cup Palette Art Alternatives Special Order Only

A peerless palette indeed. This set is perfect in the studio, on the road or in the classroom. The interchangeable sealed cups help keep your paint as fresh as your ideas. It has four slanted wells, five brush rests and twelve air-tight sealed removable cups. The concave bottom of the cups provide easy cleanup and each cup holds approximately .35 fl. oz. It is compact, light-weight and portable, perfect for mixing colors (or keeping them separate). Made of durable stain-proof plastic, it is ideal for all water-based media. Both the palette and the cups can be also used for storage and organization of inclusions, glitters, and small craft supplies. Measures approximately 6"W x 8"L x 1-1/8"D. The sealed cups are available separately in a package of twelve (AA15501).

Sealed Cup Palette Refill Cups Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Designed for use with Art Alternatives Sealed Cup Palette (AA15500), this set contains12 air-tight sealed cups that will keep your paint as fresh as your ideas. Each cup holds approximately .35 fl. oz. Made of durable stain-proof plastic, they are ideal for all water-based media. They can also be used for storage and organization of inclusions, glitters, and small craft supplies.

Water/Paint Tray Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Circular white plastic mixing palette with ten deep wells circling one central reservoir.

No Spill Paint Cup Sets Creativity Street Special Order Only

No more spilt paint with these dual-lid storage cups. The outer lid seals the cup securely, while the inner lid keeps the paint from spilling out if the cup gets knocked over. The color of the lid easily identifies the color of the paint inside. There are also cups with translucent lids, so different colors of paint can be easily identified.

30-well Mixing Palette Dr. Ph. Martin's Special Order Only

Made of flexible molded plastic, this versatile palette is great for watercolorists and designers, as well as for anyone using many colors simultaneously.

Flat Open Palette Cups Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

These aluminum palette cups have a clip which slides over the edge of your painting palette for convenience and easy access. Great for holding turpentine, linseed oil or other mediums. These cups are open and do not have a cover.

Lock Box Palette and Trays Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

The Lock Box is a fantastic palette that allows artists on the move to store and transport their paint. It keeps oils and acrylics moist for up to 30 days! Teachers love it for distributing paints to students in the classroom.

Wooden Palettes Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

Wooden palettes were one of the first mixing surfaces used by artists, and probably as old as art itself. They are great for mixing oil colors, acrylics, alkyds or any thick-bodied paint. Classy and sturdy, these palettes are sure to make any artist feel like a professional! The underside of the thumb hole is reinforced with wood for extra stability, so the palette does not sit flat on surfaces.

Airtight Peel-Off Paint Palette Martin Universal Design Special Order Only

This white, two-piece peel-off palette is sealable and airtight, making it capable of keeping oil or acrylics fresh for days or weeks. Designed by artists, for artists, it has multiple paint slates and mixing areas. The sealable top can be used separately as an additional palette. When dry, acrylic colors can be peeled off the plastic surface for easy clean up. Measures 13.5"w x 1.25"d x 9.25"h.

Mijello 33-Well Airtight Palette Martin Universal Design Special Order Only

This 33-slanted well palette is lightweight, compact and portable with a tremendous amount of mixing space for colors. Made of high tech, high impact plastic, it is kept airtight by a special sealing ring that locks in moisture. Measures 6"w x 12.5"h folded with a 5" x 12" mixing tray.

Mijello Small Ellipse Palette Martin Universal Design Special Order Only

This white, two-level palette measures 7.75"w x .75"d x 10.5h. It is made of sturdy impact plastic that allows for easy clean up. Dried acrylics peel off, and oils wipe off easily.

Mijello XL Ellipse Palette Martin Universal Design Special Order Only

This extra-large, ellipse-shaped palette is 17" x 12.375" in size. Acrylic colors peel off it and oil colors wipe off clean. It features a separate mixing area to keep paint uncontaminated. The palette edges have raised lips to prevent spillage. The rubberized feet prevent skidding.

Aqua Pro Watercolor Palette Masterson Special Order Only

The Aqua Pro is made from the highest quality injection molded resins. It is stain resistant and has 32 separate wells for holding pigments, 3 larger mixing areas to keep your color ranges separate, and the inverted lid can be used as an additional, larger mixing area. The lid will also keep your paints clean between painting sessions. Dimensions are 15-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 1-3/4".

Solvent Cups Masterson Special Order Only

These 1.5" in diameter, .75" deep cups are designed to fit Masterson palettes. Each resin dripless cup has a capacity of .5 oz. They are specially designed for storage of paints and mediums of all kinds including solvents such as turpentine, which can break down other containers.

Sta-Wet Painter's Pal Masterson Special Order Only

This unique palette box features a removable air-tight lid, brush storage space, five air-tight paint cups and a special cup for thinner. Its 9" x 12" palette space accepts most palette papers. Six Sta-Wet Palette sheets, on which acrylics will not dry out, and a sponge are included. Refill packs of sponges and sheets are also available.

Sta-Wet Professional Palette Masterson Special Order Only

A convenient double-sided palette, designed with one side for oil and acrylic paints and the other for watercolors. This 10" x 14" palette fits easily into the air-tight Artist Palette Seal (MEPS) storage box for storage life up to several weeks. It comes with disposable palette sheets made of acrylic and oil film. Packs of refill sheets also available.

Artists' Palettes Mona Lisa Special Order Only

This plastic palette has helpful color placement graphics on a white surface. The palette measures 10" x 14-1/2".

Craft/Bead Storage MultiCraft Imports Special Order Only

These craft/bead storage containers are perfect for holding beads and other small art and craft embellishments.

Expressionist Confidant Hand Held Palettes New Wave Special Order Only

Compact, comfortable and conversational, the Expressionist Confidant palette is perfect for artists who desire a smaller "go to" palette in their studio. This open palette design features an open hand grasp to hold brushes or a mahl stick, and a lower quadrant that can be used for additional mixing, or to hold your medium palette cup and/or paint cloth. The surface area has ample room for color, and is ideal for finishing or detail work being that the design will allow you to work extremely close to your canvas.

Grand View Confidant Hand Held Palettes New Wave Special Order Only

The surface area on the Grand View Confidant palette permits ample space for an assortment of colors, and sufficient space for mixing, holding your medium palette cup and/or paint cloth. This palette is brilliant for artists who prefer working with a mid size artist palette, young painters, or detail/finishing work. The Grand View Confidant palette contains a closed grasping area with an opening large enough to hold your paint brushes or a mahl stick.

Highland Hand Held Palettes New Wave Special Order Only

The Highland palette provides a true ergonomic fit and soft curves. This palette will fit in most landscape boxes, allowing for ease of transportation and convenience while outdoors. When confronted by nature, unveil the Highland palette and begin painting.

POSH Wood Palettes New Wave Special Order Only

Using furniture-grade maple wood, these palettes have a satin finish that provides a nonporous surface so they are ready for immediate use. They are available finished with either a natural or neutral gray stain. The finish is resistant to standard artist solvents and mediums, and easily cleaned. The warp resistant wood provides an ideal surface for use in the studio or outdoors. All POSH palettes come outfitted with two custom silicone footings for superb traction and an angled surface.

John Pike Big Well Palette Palette Master Special Order Only

This palette has eighteen, large (1-7/8"), easy-to-clean paint wells and plenty of mixing space. This size well allows for the use of a 1-1/2" brush for the convenience of those painting big. Made of high impact styrene this palette has the same 10-1/2" x 15" dimensions as the regular John Pike Palette. It also comes with a snap-fit lid.

John Pike Watercolor Palette Palette Master Special Order Only

This large (15" x 10-1/2" x 5/8") palette features a wash dam which fronts all color slots, allowing any color to be pulled into the wash while retaining the purity of the original colors. It also includes a snap-on cover that serves as an additional palette. Manufactured of high impact styrene to be tough and stain-resistant.

Jones Palette Kit II Palette Master Special Order Only

Ideal for traveling, this palette has a snug fitting cover. The palette itself is 9-3/4" x 13-1/2" and contains 20 sizable wells with a porcelain-like painting surface for easy clean up. The clear plastic cover features an extra large compartment for carrying supplies. When painting, the cover doubles as a water reservoir and an additional painting area.

Rectangular Palette with Lid Palette Master Special Order Only

For watercolors and the study of color theory these are excellent palettes. The Rectangular Palette Jones (PMJP0811-2) contains 20 paint wells along with seven isolated mixing areas both on the palette and the lid while the Round Palette Jones (PMJP1216) contains 32 paint wells along with 2 isolated mixing areas on the lid. These palettes are constructed of durable plastic while a porcelain like surface on the interiors of the palettes and the lids provide for easy cleanup.

Empty Color Trays PanPastel Special Order Only

These stackable palette trays hold pans securely. They are excellent for organizing colors. Each palette includes a cover.

One Stroke Palette Plaid Special Order Only

The One Stroke Palette is a durable, handy accessory that keeps paint and tools at artists' fingertips. It features numerous paint wells and has spaces for brushes and paper towels and it holds a 9" disposable foam plate for easy clean up. Designed for use by left- or right-handed painters.

Round Plastic Palette Tray Pro Art Special Order Only

Combination water and paint tray made of white plastic. No sharp edges or corners to trap paint. Designed to lay a brush on lip from any angle. Measures approximately 7.5" in diameter.

Folding Palettes Royal Brush Special Order Only

These durable white acrylic palettes are ideal for all types of paints. Hinged in the center they fold and lock easily for travel or storage. They feature a thumb hole with special grip tab for comfort and support.

Just Add Imagination Drawing Ink Palette Speedball Special Order Only

This palette was specially-designed for use with Speedball’s Super Pigmented Acrylic Inks, featuring built-in dip pen and brush rests. The Just Add Imagination Palette is 8” × 8” in size.

Robert E. Wood Palette Speedball Special Order Only

This large covered palette of light-weight plastic keeps colors moist and separated between painting sessions. Two large mixing areas and twenty-four deep pigment wells hold ample color and are easily accessible even to large brushes. Its cover is designed with four extra-large deep mixing wells.

Tom Lynch Watercolor Palette Speedball Special Order Only

This light-weight palette has a sixteen-well base and a large center mixing area. There are two large L-shaped wells in the rear corners, one large rectangular well and fourteen square wells surrounding three sides of the palette. The wells are slanted toward the center making it easy to pull color into the mixing area. The air-tight cover keeps colors clean and moist during painting and is specially coated, so when turned over it can be used to mix large amounts of color for glazing and backgrounds. Size: 12" x 16".

Floral Shape Plastic Dish Yasutomo Special Order Only

This floral-shaped, white plastic mixing dish is 7" diameter by 1/2" deep with seven sections.