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Paper Palette Pads Strathmore

Convenient, disposable poly-coated paper palettes. Forty sheets per tape-bound pad.

Wood Toned Paper Palettes New Wave

Neutral wood toned paper palette for enhanced color gauging. Experience the benefits to working off a wood toned surface without the cleanup. Glued on three edges for a sturdy mixing area. 50 durable coated sheets.

Disposable Paper Palette Pads Art Alternatives Drop Ship Only

These paper palettes offer a time-saving alternative to the laborious task of scraping a palette. Each pad is tape-bound at the top, contains 40 disposable sheets of treated paper and helps you produce exactly the colors you want. Suitable for oils, acrylics and watercolor.

Multi-Palette Pads Bienfang Drop Ship Only

Disposable, individual palette sheets that are impervious to oil, casein and acrylic. Fifty sheets per pad.

#757 Disposable Palette Paper Pads Borden & Riley Drop Ship Only

Convenient for acrylics, oils, watercolor or casein, these specially formulated 42 lb. acid-free and disposable paper palettes save messy cleanup. Each pad contains 50 paper palettes.

Acry-Oil Palette Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

Plastic treated disposable paper palette suitable for painting with acrylics, oils, casein and watercolors. Full mixing surface- no die-cut, no wasted space. Forty sheets per pad.

Grey Pad Paper Palettes New Wave Drop Ship Only

Color and value gauging is enhanced with this disposable paper palette. The palette contains 50 neutral gray sheets of extremely durable paper stock that are coated to make sure the sheets beneath stay dry. The pad is glued on three edges to ensure pages stay fastened during the mixing of paint or while painting outdoors. The 11" x 16" size allows for easy storage and transportation. These palettes are available in both rectangular and ergonomic design dimensions. Made in the USA.

White Pad Paper Palettes New Wave Drop Ship Only

Designed with the artist in mind, this disposable paper palette contains 50 white sheets of extremely durable paper stock that are coated to make certain the sheets beneath stay dry.

Disposable Palette Paper Royal Brush Special Order Only

This disposable paint-mixing palette has 40 sheets of poly-coated paper that will not soak through. Intended for use with acrylic and oil paints.